Dear Kevin #1

This is to my Kevin, whom is a girl, and one of my besties.


15. 2/28/17 - Meh

Dear Kevin,

        I can't talk to you because my parents think you're a bad influence on me. You remember the reason we broke up.... Damned that night. One of the worst nights of my life.

       I know Mr. T is a jerk now..... Makes me sad. Good luck at C of O (that's where I want to go to college) And what day will you guys be there???

       Did you see my dad while you were working there???? He recently got surgery on his leg cause he broke a bone in his knee a couple years ago. So now he needs a knee replacement cause it hasn't gotten better.

       My mom still basically hates me. I wish me and her were like how it used to be when it was good. I wish life was how it was when it was good.....

       I know.... It's a scary thought that I'm going to be a senior. It's crazy.

       If you can ever come up here. Let me know. I could probably see you during school hours or a school activity... But we'd have to be sneaky.......

       Does Blake want to talk with me????

      I love you and miss you!






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