Dear Kevin #1

This is to my Kevin, whom is a girl, and one of my besties.


13. 2/23/17 - Goodbye

Dear Kevin,

       You're gone aren't you? You aren't coming back..........

        I don't know why you're gone but I feel it deep inside that you're gone. 

        You quit following me on instagram and cut me off.

       I'm sorry for every wrong thing I said, every wrong move I made, every wrong thing I done. I'm sorry.

       If you're leaving because you think I'm trying to get in between you and Blake, I'm not. I wouldn't try to get rid of someone who means the world to you.

       You've always been my everything and time won't change a thing.

       I will never forget you. I'll always be here if you need someone. 

       I will love you forever and always.

       Infinity is my promise to you.

       You know where to find me.

       I'll let you go.

       Remember I love you.

       Always have. 

       Always will.

       Goodbye, Madison Leighann.

                  Love Forever and Always,

                           Braylee Nichole.


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