Dear Kevin #1

This is to my Kevin, whom is a girl, and one of my besties.


2. 2/1/17 - Hoping You've Seen And Just Talk

Dear Kevin,

         I hope you've seen everything I wrote you. I understand if you don't want to talk. It's a lot to take in. I really don't know how to make any of this any better. I was honest. Probably broke your heart. And I really am sorry. I almost lied to you. But I chose to be honest. I really do miss you though. I thought a lot about you last night and what I said..... It's a hard hit with you being around again. But I'm worried that you don't want to talk after yesterday. Honestly, I was really really scared. I was freaking out and panicking. I don't know if I can make you understand why I said what I said and why it happened. I really don't want to lose you and our relationship crumble.....

       I'm going to tell you all of what is going on in my life.

       I have a boyfriend now. He's really great. Definitely not perfect, which makes me like him more. He's really sweet, caring, and thoughtful. 

      My parents and I are getting along better. It's really nice. I can talk to them about anything and tell them anything (unless I don't want to.

      I've been talking to J.W and S.S for a while. Because of everything I thought about you, I just didn't talk to you. I didn't feel like getting hurt. (but don't worry! I have bragged about you!) 

      I live up around Wainesville. I moved from TurnAround Ranch back last September. I've been living here ever since. I like it. The drama of small towns and residential put together doesn't work out too well. It's stressful.

     Do you remember when I would go to your house and write all over the walls? Your sister always tried killing my "Bob". Do you still live in the same house? Do you still have to same room?

     Do you remember our song? Strong by One Direction. I was so hurt when I lost you that I haven't been able to listen to it since.

     Did you guys ever end up with the boys? I sometimes talk to my caseworker about them. (She knows who they are).

    I ended up in foster care. I've only been it for a month. The only reason I'm in it is so I can stay in residential without my parents having to pay. And I get a bunch of other benefits. So it's all cool and I don't mind.

   Yeah... We probably have both changed a lot. I'm not the same little hellion anymore. I'm just chill and laid back. And I don't put up with no bullcrap so I'm always mouthing my opinion and telling people off when they do something wrong. But not in a bad way so I really don't get in trouble much. 

   You'd love my friends. I'd let you follow me on insta, but I'm worried my parents would see. Well... I am on private and my profile pic isn't me....(It's my friends eye. Yeah. He's weird). Would my parents be able to see the pictures if you liked it?

    I don't know. Lots to think about. I hope you reply. And you can still trust me. You can tell me anything.

          I love you tons.

                    Loves very much, 


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