The Bully

Everyone knows Josh Dun. Everyone knows that in middle school he beat someone up for no reason. Everyone knows to avoid him. Everyone knows you can't talk to him if you do he'll beat you up. But what happens when the shy boy on the top of the honor roll decides that Josh isn't that bad? And what if Tyler is wrong?


7. Rules

Tyler couldn't believe he was doing what Brendon told him to, in a way at least.

It was late at night on a Saturday, Tyler's parents were asleep. He was supposed to meet Josh at the park.

If he was caught he would be more than grounded. He was hanging out with Josh and sneaking out of the house at night.

Josh on the other hand didn't have to worry about that. He only lived with his dad, who happened to be very laid back. He didn't care what Josh did as long as he didn't die doing it.

Josh arrived at the park five minutes past three. He didn't see Tyler anywhere.

He walked to the tree they had sat under when they first came to the park.


Tyler was there. He was sitting in the highest sturdy branch in the tree.

Tyler smiled, happy to see Josh, who was his best friend unless you count Brendon. But he felt differently about Josh than he did Brendon. He and Brendon had always felt like friends ever since they started talking in the back of the music room during chorus. They never held hands, Tyler had never felt Brendon's hands. They looked strong. Josh's hands were strong too, but Sarah, Brendon's girlfriend, had soft hands that slipped into his perfectly. They were sickly sweet together, Tyler was glad Sarah went to a different school. Anyway, Tyler liked holding hands with Josh and spending all his time with him but there was no way he liked him like Brendon liked Sarah.

Or maybe he did.

"How did you get up there?" Josh teased.

Tyler smiled. "I like climbing."

"I can see that."

"Wanna join me?"

Josh was quiet for a moment.

"I, um, I don't know how." It was hard to see through the darkness but Josh was blushing. He wanted to show Tyler how cool he was and climb the tree but he didn't want to get hurt trying.

"Just put your foot there," Tyler said, pointing.

"Here?" Josh had his foot on a sturdy part of the tree.

"Yeah. Then put your other foot a little bit higher and hold onto the tree."

Josh did as he said.

Tyler continued guiding him like that until Josh was at the same height as Tyler.

"Okay, take my hand I'll pull you up."

Josh's grip was tight on the tree. He looked scared, more scared than Tyler had ever seen him.

"It's okay, Josh, I promise I won't let you fall." He smiled and looked into his mocha brown eyes.

Josh cautiously pull one of his arms off the tree and grabbed Tyler's hand. Tyler slid him over so that he was in a position where Tyler could pull him onto the branch.

Tyler did so. Josh was shaking by the time he was sitting next to Tyler o the branch. Tyler wrapped his arm around him instinctively to make sure he didn't fall.

Josh was embarrassed. He really didn't want Tyler to see him scared like that but it was too late.

Tyler smiled and Josh smiled back.

Tyler pulled out his phone and checked the time. It was four-am. They had to leave. Well, Tyler had to leave.

He frowned.

"I have to go."


"It's been an hour."

Josh's eyes widened. "Oh, okay. How am I going to get down?"

The same way you climbed up.

Tyler climbed down quickly. It was obvious he was experienced.

Josh took a while but less time than it took for him to climb up. It was easier with Tyler underneath him.

They hugged before Tyler left.

Maybe next time they'd be able to do more than climb a tree. Josh hoped so.

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