The Bully

Everyone knows Josh Dun. Everyone knows that in middle school he beat someone up for no reason. Everyone knows to avoid him. Everyone knows you can't talk to him if you do he'll beat you up. But what happens when the shy boy on the top of the honor roll decides that Josh isn't that bad? And what if Tyler is wrong?


4. Christmas Cookies

Tyler stood by the big front doors of the school, hoping no one would see him. It's not that he didn't like Josh, but if they were seen together his parents would find out somehow and they would be mad. 

What if he never saw Josh again?

No, he couldn't even think about that. It wouldn't have to come to that.

Josh had to stay after school, for detention. He wasn't a bully, that was true, but he still was a bit of a... rebel.

Finally, Josh came out of the school. For a kid who just got out of detention, he looked pretty happy.

"Hey dude," he said smiling. He threw his arm around Tyler.

Tyler smiled, "Hey, Josh." He looked down, trying to hide that he was obviously blushing. "What're we gonna do today?"

"I dunno," he said, looking straight into Tyler's brown eyes, "What do you wanna do?"

Tyler couldn't even form words, hypnotized by Josh's big brown eyes. Josh was gorgeous and Tyler couldn't help thinking that.

But who could blame him? 

"Tyler?" Josh looked like he was concerned, but his voice said that he knew what Tyler was thinking.

"O-Oh, um, sorry I was just," he averted his eyes, "Thinking."

"Yeah?" Josh smiled, "About what?"

About your adorable mocha eyes and your gorgeous lips being on mine.

"A-About where I want to go."

Josh tilted his head like he was waiting for Tyler to say something else.

"You wanna go to the park?" Tyler added quickly.



Despite the fact that it was in such a small, rural town, the park was a very nice place. People in the town went there for every occasion, it was a very popular hang out spot.

"It's so nice here today," Tyler said, innocently.

"Yeah." Josh's voice sounded distant, like the way it did at the waterfront a few days before.

"Come on," Tyler said, grabbing Josh's hand. He didn't have to lead him like that, but he would use anything as an excuse to touch Josh's soft hands.

Tyler led him to a large tree.

"There's no bench here, but sometimes I come here after school and listen to music or read."

"This is really nice."

"You mean, it's sick," Tyler corrected.

Josh smiled, "Yeah, it's sick."

Josh removed his hand from its place, interlocked with Tyler's.

"Your hand is really soft," Josh mumbled.

"Yours is too," Tyler said, feeling his face get hot.



Josh stared directly into Tyler's eyes like he had before. Tyler stared back into Josh's big, mocha eyes.

"Nevermind," he croaked.

They sat down together underneath the tree, somehow, talking for hours.

Tyler was sure of it, he loved Josh.

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