Who is Daddy?


1. Meeting 1D for the first time

Hollywood: hey did you get the tickets for the 1D concert?

Sammie: yes I did, we are going to have the best night ever

Hollywood: Good, Who is you daddy in the band

Sammie: Zayn!!!!! For sure I love him.

Hollywood: Mines is Louis because he's smart,caring, a good singer, and really cute

Sammie: You had the same daddy in this band for 10 years now , why don't you get backstage passes?

Hollywood: how tho

Sammie: Ha I got the backstage passes

Hollywood: how did you get them

Sammie: I forgot to tell you , my brother is Harry

Hollywood: you are Harry's sister and you never told me

Sammie : I'm sorry but I thought you wouldn't want to be my friend

Hollywood: we've been friends since kindergarten

Sammie: I'm sorry

Hollywood: its fine are they staying here for a little bit

Sammie: yes

Hollywood: So, we can hang out with them

Sammie: Yeah of course

Hollywood: The concert is tomorrow

Sammie: I have to pick them up at the airport, Want to come

Hollywood: Yeah

(they left the house)

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