No Matter What

After OneDirection broke up Harry went on a down spiralling frenzy. Harry did not want anyone to find out but Louis caught him and convinced him to move in with him Briana, Freddy, and him. After he moves to L.A. with them there is tension in the household. Harry's welcome turns in crisis and unwanted feelings.


1. Caught Red-Handed

The light tapping at my door was the signal they were here. As I swished my body around in my leather desk chair, I stood up. I stumbled through my living room to the front door. I had a few drinks and the ever pressing aroma of vodka haunted the air. I turned the door handle in anticipation.

"Harry I haven't seen you in ages," Louis called. He went an hugged me. The sweet smell of saige and lemon grass. The hug lingered on until, Brianna coughed,"Um can I get through the door." She came in carrying a big baby carrier.

"Oh you brought Freddy too," I exclaimed. Had been almost a year since any of us had seen each other.

"Louis what are you doing here. I'm glad to see you," I smiled. Brianna glared at me from across the room.

"Oh we were jus stopping by," Louis stated.

I hear a harder knock at the door.

"Brianna, won't you get the door dear," Louis offered.

Brianna flung the door open.

"Um are you Eddie Styles," a girl in a thick Hungarian accent chimed.

She was wear a tight red leather tube top and a fishnet mini skirt.


The flames rose in Louis eyes I've seen him mad before but never this angry. I could feel the tears form at the corners of my eyes. Painful memories flooded my head. My thoughts raced as everyone stood there doing nothing. Freddy started whinny signifying his afternoon snack.

"Brianna go feed Freddy," Louis said calmly. He took a few steps to the door and slammed it on the Hungarian girl's face.

"Harry we came to check on you and you are doing the same things you promised me you wouldn't."

"What do you care. You are the one who didn't want to stay and you chose her. You chose that life. The life without me. Louis what I do doesn't concern you anymore," I shouted," We aren't one direction anymore."

After those words escaped my mouth, you beautiful faced dropped.

"Harry if I didn't care why would I be here!" Louis paused and looked down at the sleeve of my jumper. "Harry have you been cutting again," he questioned in deep concern.

"No," I whispered.

His face was cold and stern.

"Let me see."

He stepped closer to me an grabbed my sleeve. In one swift one I spun around and pulled my arm back.

"Harry please don't play games. Let me see,"

Louis pleaded.

I turned around. His deep brown eyes pulled me in closer. Now I was just inches away from him body. I stuck out my wrists. He took a step closer. He grabbed my wrist and carefully pulled up my sleeve. The marks of pain left scars that decorated my arms.

"Why," he whispered.

"Because I wanted to feel something other than what's inside," I frowned.

My eyes were blazing into his. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug as he dug his head in my chest. His jacket. His tee-shirt. My jumper. Three layers separating us. Brianna stomps into the room.

"Louis we need to get more nappies," she blankly said trying to read the situation.

"Okay well go get some Bri," Louis smirked.

"Fine. Then," she rolled we eyes, " watch the baby please. " she stormed out of the apartment. You could hear the grandfather clock ticking on the wall after hundred ticks. Louis frowned," Harry you should come live with us."

"What do you mean Louis. You mean move to L.A.," I questioned.

"Yes live with me, I can help you Harry. You need help."

"Louis I don't know about that." Louis interrupted.

"Yes of course, you are moving to L.A."

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