In the Moonlight

Cole Hawthorne seemingly had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a cool best friend, and a loving family. But everything can change. Within 12 hours, he finds that everything he loves is gone, destroyed. With no other way out, he jumps. But what he finds isn't death, it was a secret portal to a different world. He finds Rose, a girl on the run. Can he help her get back to the life she once loved? And can he find his?


1. Introduction

.:for Cole:.


I ran through the woods, crashing into trees, branches catching my dress. There was a searing pain in my leg but I couldn't stop. I had to get away. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw they were catching up. I tried to go on, but tripped over a root, sending me sprawling on the ground. Within seconds, I was surrounded. I screamed. They threw me onto a horse, and we rode away, into the unknown future.

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