In the Moonlight

Cole Hawthorne seemingly had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a cool best friend, and a loving family. But everything can change. Within 12 hours, he finds that everything he loves is gone, destroyed. With no other way out, he jumps. But what he finds isn't death, it was a secret portal to a different world. He finds Rose, a girl on the run. Can he help her get back to the life she once loved? And can he find his?


5. Chapter 4

~Cole's POV~

I'm dead.

That's the first think I think of. But wait, how am I thinking if I'm dead? And I'm cold. So cold. I turn my head to the side. Snow? I'm sitting in snow. I look up, and see trees to all sides of me.

What the actual fuck.

I sit there for a few more minutes just getting a grasp on what happened.

I didn't die, I'm not even injured, and I'm sitting in a pile of snow in the middle of some forest.

I finally get the strength to stand, so I decide to walk around a bit. I have no clue where I am, so might as well go forwards.

I had been walking for a few hours when I heard it. A scream. Female, from the sound of it. I freeze, listening.

"No.. Please! I need to get back... It's been so long... Please!" She screams again.

I crouch down behind a bush and peer through. There's a girl around my age, maybe 16 or 17. She's dressed in a ragged dress, dark blue and torn. Her feet are in old black boots, and her hair is a long blonde wave down her back. She's been thrown to the ground. Surrounding her are men on horses. They're much older, maybe mid thirties. They wear red winter garments with a golden sun on the front.

I watch to see what happens next.

"You thought you'd be able to get back, didn't you?" One man sneered. "King Erlades was kind to spare you all those years ago. You won't be so lucky this time."

The girl stumbles and tries to run, but the man grabs her by the hair, forcefully pulling her back.

"Don't test me, pretty." He hisses. "We may be on orders to bring you back alive, but I can always make a little accident happen."

He grabs her around the waist, pulls her up onto his horse, and they gallop away.

I sit there, stunned by what I just saw. Then I realize that whatever way they're going, there must be people. They can tell me what the hell is going on.

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