In the Moonlight

Cole Hawthorne seemingly had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a cool best friend, and a loving family. But everything can change. Within 12 hours, he finds that everything he loves is gone, destroyed. With no other way out, he jumps. But what he finds isn't death, it was a secret portal to a different world. He finds Rose, a girl on the run. Can he help her get back to the life she once loved? And can he find his?


4. Chapter 3


-Cole's POV-

Because I never fell asleep, I figured I might as well get up early. It was around 5:30 am. I threw on some clothes, had a piece of toast, brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag, and left.

The high school was only a few blocks away, so I walked around town until it was time to go.

Of course, when I walk in the doors the first thing I see is Katrina and Liam, kissing again.

"Just ignore them, Cole. He's only trying to make you mad," I said to myself, gritting my teeth and walking past

As I walked through the halls, I heard whispers and a few muted giggles. By lunchtime it turned into full-blown gossip and laughter. People were saying that I was supposedly "not good enough" in bed for Katrina, so she left me. Please. We never even did it. But it continued. Relentless torment, I couldn't take one step without someone snickering.

I had had enough.

That night at dinner, I picked at my food while Ali droned on about the play they were putting on at her school. "And I'm playing Rapunzel. I can't believe I got the lead!" She gushed. All I could think about was how my life was breaking into pieces all around me.

For days after that, I did nothing but stare at my wall, and ignore everyone. I kept spiralling down deeper into a hole of depression, until one day when I snapped.

"Hey, mom. I'm taking the truck for a drive." I said.

"Alright, just be careful. The roads are pretty slippery." She replied.

I drove fast, not caring if I crashed, until i reached it. The bridge. The place where some people came to kiss, others came to end it all.

I was here for the latter.

I parked and climbed out of the truck, and made my was over to the edge. Placing my hands on the guard rail, I realized they were shaking. Not from the cold, but from the thought of what I was about to do. I glanced over. The river was nearly frozen. Just the fall alone could kill a man, let alone the freezing water below the ice.

I checked to see if anyone was watching, then hoisted myself up, standing on the railing. I shut my eyes, warm tears trailing down. I had lost my girlfriend, my best friend, my family, my reputation, and my happiness. I was done.

5..4..3..2..1...... And I fell. I opened my eyes, seeing the starry sky, then it all turned black.


Wow! Cliffhanger :) This is my first Movella, and it would be so great if you guys could comment what you think! I have so many great ideas.

~Rose <3

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