In the Moonlight

Cole Hawthorne seemingly had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a cool best friend, and a loving family. But everything can change. Within 12 hours, he finds that everything he loves is gone, destroyed. With no other way out, he jumps. But what he finds isn't death, it was a secret portal to a different world. He finds Rose, a girl on the run. Can he help her get back to the life she once loved? And can he find his?


3. Chapter 2


-Cole's POV-

"What the hell, man! I thought you were my friend!" I was turning red, I was yelling so hard. Liam stood in front of me, seemingly not even caring.

"You guys stopped talking. Fair game, in my opinion. Plus she's hot." He smirked.


At that moment a teacher heard and ran over to intervene.

"What in the world is going on here?" She asked.

Great. It was my English teacher, Mrs. Tyrane.

"Why don't you ask man-whore here.." I mumbled.

"What was that?" She gasped. "We do not tolerate bullying here, Cole. Detention after school." She walked away.

Liam was still standing there with that stupid grin on his face. I wanted to punch him so bad, but I didn't want to risk getting suspended, so I just glared and left.


I got home late because of detention.

"Where were you?" My mom asked. "We've been waiting..."

I sighed. "I had detention, and they took my phone so I couldn't text you."

Usually she would ask what I did, but she just walked back into our kitchen, where my sister was sitting.

"What's for dinner?" I asked, rifling through the cupboards for a snack.

"Cole, Alison, Your father and I have something to tell you..."

I started getting a bad feeling. But 2 bad things couldn't happen in 1 day, could they?

We stood there waiting for them to continue.

"We've decided to get a divorce."

No. No no no.

I stared at them. "Wha- why? I'm sorry I got a detention, I'll try harder next time an-" Alison burst into tears.

"Cole," my mom spoke softly. "It's not your fault. People fall out of love sometimes, it can't be helped."

"Is there anything I can do, anyth-"

"Cole, Ali, I think it would be best if we just had some quiet, alright?"


I slowly climbed the stairs to my room, reality sinking in. My girlfriend broke up with me, and cheated on my with my best friend who turned out to be a dick. My parents are getting a divorce, and it's probably my fault. If only I wasn't such a screw up maybe people wouldn't keep leaving me...

I didn't sleep that night. I stared at the ceiling, then at the wall, then I went on my phone.

I cringed when I unlocked it, the lock screen was Katrina smiling. I made a mental note to change that, same with my home screen, which was Liam and I with our skateboards.

How is it possible that your life can fall apart in less than 12 hours?

I started scrolling through my phone. Almost everything was a reminder. Pictures of family vacations, Katrina, Liam. I deleted all of them except for the ones of my sister. She was 12, but mature beyond her age. She was the one person I knew would never leave me.

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