In the Moonlight

Cole Hawthorne seemingly had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a cool best friend, and a loving family. But everything can change. Within 12 hours, he finds that everything he loves is gone, destroyed. With no other way out, he jumps. But what he finds isn't death, it was a secret portal to a different world. He finds Rose, a girl on the run. Can he help her get back to the life she once loved? And can he find his?


2. Chapter 1


-Cole's POV-

"And don't forget to read chapters 6 to 8 tonight! We'll be reviewing them tomorrow."

I jolted awake. Typical me. I always fall asleep in English class, it's my least favourite.

"Hey, man we still on for tonight?"

It was my best friend, Liam. We'd been planning to hit the skatepark after school.

"Sorry, I've got a hot date," I said with a smirk.

"No way!" Liam said. "Katrina?"

I smiled. "Yep. And you said she was out of my league."

He laughed. "She is. You're just lucky."

He turned and walked away to get his backpack.

Katrina Vertes. When she walked in the first day of senior year, my jaw hit the floor. She was slim, with long legs and chocolate brown hair. Way out of my league. But somehow, we had hit it off right away, and we had our first date tonight.

-later that night-

I pulled up in front of her house in my black truck. It had taken me years to save up for, and was my prized possession.

The door opened, and Katrina walked out, wearing a tight blue dress. I thought my eyes were about to bug out of my head!

We drove to the restaurant, and found our table. We spent the night talking and laughing, it was perfect.

-2 months later-

We were THE couple of the school. Wherever I was, so was Katrina. She was popular, so we got invited to every party. Everything was great.

Until one day. First, she stopped texting. We used to talk for hours, then it just stopped. Then we stopped going on dates, then we barely saw each other, even at school. I was miserable.

"Dude why don't you just ask her?" Liam asked, walking beside me. "There's got to be a reason."

"I know," I said. "I don't want her to think I'm too clingy though."

Liam looked at me. "Your choice."

The next day, I decided it had been too long, so I went to find her. I searched the whole school, with no results. Then I remembered that she and her friends sometimes hung out under a tree beside the soccer field. Sure enough, I spotted a wave of brown hair standing there. I was about to call out for her, then she turned.

In front of her was Liam. She smiled, and he kissed her, pressing her against the tree. I froze, not believing my eyes. My best friend... Kissing my girlfriend. I took a picture for proof, then stormed away.

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