Strange feeling - A woman's weekly story

A very short story


1. Strange Feeling

Your lifestyle and circumstances don’t allow for many friendships.  You have to do something before it impacts your happiness and thus the happiness of your family. You decide to give it some thought. Simple, this is what you do. Is it a feeling for a affair hmm... probably not. Let me think of all the nice things my husband has done for me.  The money he makes that lets you live in luxury. Not that you don’t have money of your own. But you do want to make it to  that Woman’s weekly ‘I am rich’ group. What about the lovely children you have. All dumb asses sometimes but still, lovable. How lucky I am.  Then think of all the painful times they have given you. Why do you want another relationship ?  More pain in the ass. As for sex, bully your husband into giving it.  Most probably you just have to cajole him a bit. :-0  Go for that couples meet that the dating agency has organised and have sex under the stars. But what about here and now ?  Go home and lie on your couch and dream of all those wonderful decent men who simply wish you were available for sex and marriage. They would love to get a love letter from you. In return they will call you and you will feel loved and flattered. Long distance non-relation ship relationship friends. It is safe as it is part of a friendship network. You do that and you instantly get 10 phone calls.  They know you well because they are friends of yours and have been pen pals. You are doing a ‘love ‘ sequence.  It makes you feel much much better. Therapy for the soul. The odd feeling goes away and you have made 10 people happy. Not to mention the many others who have received your email. We can never have enough friends in this world.

***********  The End   **************

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