The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

Read the story to find out more.


4. The White Witches Castle

The Pevensie's remained stuck with words to say after reading the note that was pinned to the tree, all arguing one should go look for him. What they haven't noticed was that lizzy was headed to the white witches castle before Edmund even thought of it.

It was chilling cold until she climbed up the stairs met up by Maugrim the head chief.

"What are you doing here, child." He growled.

"I've come to talk to Jadis."

He lowered his growl and nodded heading upstairs carrying her by the scruff of her neck.

He set her down harshly on purpose.

"Why have you come here," Jadis said sitting on her throne, glaring down at the girl.

"I don't know what you're plan is but you best stay away, you'll see."

"Threating me are we?" She said nonchalantly.

"You crossed the line Witch."

"Watch your language girl, or I will make you my statue."

"The boy has nothing to do with this, they will defeat you and you'll lose," Lizzy warned her.

Jadis gripped her wand tight and glared at her, taking a deep breath she heard the boy come in as the castle gates echoed beyond the hallway.

"Looks like I have a way to win after all."

The dwarf took her to the cell as she was struggling in his grip, thrown in the dungeon separate from the other, only realizing that other cage belonged to Tumnus.

"Lizzy?" He asked.

"Yeah... it's me."

Not going to stay here forever she found a way out sneaking out the back when she went down the stairs of the sleeping chief, she saw Ed mess with one of the statues.


"Edmund! No." She said.

This startled him as he continued to draw on a lion's eyes.

"Oh come on, it is quite funny." He said laying the wood down.

Picking up the cub he walked up the stairs and led by Morgrum to the throne room, to his eyes it was any ordinary throne with her cape around it, he grinned a bit wanting to sit. Taking her with him he sat down on it lying her on his lap like the queen of England.

Unnoticed the witch came again and watched until she said something "like it?"

He startled jumping up from the seat backing up, holding Lizzy protectively especially from the cold as they talked. "Yes, your--your majesty," Edmund said nervously stammering.

Sitting down Jadis spoke, "tell me Edmund, are your sisters' deaf?"


"And your brother is he... unintelligent?"

"Well, I think so but mum--"

"THAN HOW DARE YOU COME ALONE!" Jadis shouted as this made Edmund moved back down the stairs holding Lizzy closer instinctively.

"I--I'm sorry, I--I tried!" He pleaded.

"Edmund I ask so little of you."

"They--they just wouldn't listen to me."

"... couldn't even do that."

"I--I did bring them half way, they're at the little house in the dam, with--with the beavers."

Edmund gulped frightened and scared inside, he could feel even lizzy shake as he petted her fur calming her down having experience with cats when scared.

"Well... I guess your not a total lost then." The white witch said calmer now.

Edmund approaches again.

"Is there any chance I may have some of that Turkish delight now?"

"Ginnabrick, our guest is hungry."

Pulling out his knife he shoved it sideways on Edmunds back.

"This way...for your num nums..."

White Witch knew she had to get them as she called the head chief.

"Maugrim!!!! You know what to do..."

Maugrim lets out a howl, Edmund realizes the horrible truth as wolves surround the castle... they charge from the castle.



Maugrim looked to the dam then turned to his men.

"Take them."

Coming inside with Peter, Mr. Beaver urged his wife "hurry mom, they are after us!"

Mrs. Beaver said, "Right then..."

Seeing her scramble for food and supplies Susan asked.

"What is she doing?"

Mrs. Beaver answered while putting the stuff in a basket.

"Don't worry, you'll thank me later. It's a long journey and a beaver gets cranky when he's hungry."

"I'm cranky now!" Mr. Beaver said ecstatic wanting to hurry.

Susan helped Mrs. Beaver asking. "Do you think we should bring jam?"

Peter sarcastically replied to her question "only if the Witch has toast."



"This should lead to Aslan's" Mr. Beaver told them.

"I thought it led to your mom's!" Mrs. Beaver asked.

Lucy falls over tripping over something.

"They're in the tunnel." She whispered.

Running further they reached a dead end as Mrs. Beaver panics.

"You should have brought a map!"

Turning to face her Mr. Beaver replied: "There wasn't room next to the jam!"

Climbing out as everyone else followed as Peter got out Lucy fell behind stones of what used to be creatures.

Getting up all of them notice the stone animals.

Mr. Beaver noticed a badger and saddened. "He was my best mate!"

"What happened to them?" Susan asked worriedly now.

"This is what happens to the enemies of the witch." A red fox appeared, happens to be a friend of Lizzy's.

"Stand there traitor. Or I'll chew you to pieces!" Mr. Beaver said walking up to him.

The fox jumped down and chuckled.

"Relax I'm one of the good guys."

"We'll you look mighty one of the bad guys." Mr. Beaver spoke fiercely.

"And unfortunate family resemblance, but we can discuss family breeding later right now we got to move." The fox said to them

Looking behind him Peter turned to the fox.

"What do you suggest?"


The Fox stays on the lower ground, the beavers and the children are in a tree... the wolves approach.

Wolves break through the barrier as Fox is out in the center.

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