The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

Read the story to find out more.


7. Home


Edmund is tied to a tree as the Dwarf taunts him as lizzy in cub form was on a leash, the rope around her neck as Edmund cut her free using a knife he stole from behind.

The dwarf wasn't aware or around as he cut himself loose from the gag grabbing his little cub holding her close hearing purrs.

"I'm here, I'm here." He said softly as Edmund could feel the shaking in her body of fright.


"The Minotaurs on the left, send in the dwarfs first."

White Witch looks at the plans and then...

Aslan's army comes in and there is confusion. White Witch goes through camp and sees the Dwarf tied to a tree, knife in hat and him tied and gagged. She takes the knife and looks like she's going to kill him then cuts him down


Are you not going to kill him?


Not yet! We have work to do (turning to Osmin)


Aslan, Elizabeth, and Edmund are on the rock above camp Peter comes out and see him and then the girls

Lucy walked by seeing Peter gazing up only to gasp and excitedly almost run to them "Edmund, Lizzy!"

Peter stops her. Aslan motions Edmund down and they go to the group of his siblings, the three-month-old cub was in Aslan's mouth as Lucy held out her arms while he gave her to her as she had both arms around Elizabeth.

Aslan spoke to the other three "What's done is done. There is no reason to bring up the past with your brother."

Edmund quite nervous to speak took his little cub in his arms as Lucy gave her back to him, he said "Hello..."

Lucy smiled and said "Oh, Edmund (Hugs him and Susan does too)

Susan asked, "How are you feeling?"

Edmund replied "I'm feeling kinda tired" He then hoisted Lizzy up as she was slipping.

Peter told him "Get some rest...and Edmund try not to wander off again."

Some time later, breakfast

Lucy looked over her shoulder to see Edmund eat a lot of toast, as he eats he was bottle feeding Lizzy that Aslan gave him "Narnia isn't going to run out of toast, careful here." She helps to lift the bottle up so that she gets some and isn't drinking air.

Peter was looking around the camp "then you better pack some for the journey"

Susan asked "so were going home?"

Coming down to sit with the others he answered "You are, I promised I'd keep you three safe but there's no reason I can't stay and help.

Lucy said desperately "but they need us...All five of us"

He looked to Lucy and makes his point "Lucy it's too dangerous. You almost drowned, Edmund and Elizabeth were almost killed!

Edmund after silence spoke up while holding up the bottle like Lucy showed him and she drank from it "Which is why we have to stay."

They all look at him.

He continued "I've seen what the White Witch can do and I've helped her do it, and we can't leave Elizabeth's people behind to suffer for it."

Lucy holds Ed's hand Lizzy got off his lap and transformed, surprised to hear he was going to defend her people taking his other hand, it was true, she did love him and he loved her, Lucy removed her hand and looked to the other three smiling as the two looked at each other.

Susan said while getting up "Well I guess that's it then."

Peter moved a bit to look over his shoulder he asked. "Where are you going?"

Susan grins and picks up bow and quiver "To get in some practice."

Susan and Lucy practice shooting at the target. Then it cuts to Peter, Elizabeth, and Edmund practicing sword fighting on horses.

Peter fighting the both of them, although Edmund kept messing up "Come on Ed, sword hand up like Oreius showed us."

The beavers come running up. Edmund's and Elizabeth's horse's rears

Edmund tried to stay on "Whoa horsey!"

"Easy girl, easy it's just Mr. Beaver." Lizzy's voice was heard.

The horse looked at him "My name is Philip."

Edmund said apologetic "Oh, sorry"

Mr. Beaver came panting "you better come quickly the White Witch has requested a meeting with Aslan...



Jadis.. Jadis!!!

Jadis arrives at the camp, Cyclops carry her bed-thingy...She hops down and walks towards Aslan

Jadis looked to Elizabeth and Edmund, secretly he took her hand as she interlinked her fingers with his "You have traitors in your midst, Aslan."

Everyone gasps.

Aslan growled low as she said that about his daughter, so to change it to just Edmund out of no offense in the protection of his daughter that Edmund could understand he said: "His offense was not against you."

White Witch raised an eyebrow shifting her feet "Have you forgotten the Deep Magic?"

Aslan let out a growl as he spoke "Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was made."

White Witch replied "Then you will know that the boy belongs to me. (turns to crowd) That boy (points to Edmund) will die on the Stone Table."

Peter was about to step up but Lizzy held her sword protecting both "Come and take it then." She glared at the witch "Edmund belongs to me."

White Witch raised an eyebrow with a smirk "what?"

"You asked me once who does he belong to, well my answer is... he belongs to me," Elizabeth repeated.

Edmund said nothing but he knew already he was already in love with her from the stairs, and just let her say the truth cause she too belongs to him.

White Witch then added "You think that a simple threat will deny me my right, little princess? Aslan knows that if I do not have blood as the law demands, all of Narnia will be overturned, and perish, in fire and water.

Aslan looked at the children as he watched his daughter protect who she loved, as he would do the same. So he said to the Jadis "Enough, I shall talk with you alone."

(time passes and the Witch exits tent)

Aslan looked to Edmund and Elizabeth standing next to each other then turned to the crowd "The Witch has denounced her claim on Edmund"

Narnians cheer.

White Witch asked turning to face him. "How will I know your promise will be kept?

Aslan roars. the White Witch falls into her seat and the Narnians laugh. The White Witch leaves. Aslan sighs and walks into his tent.

Leaving everyone patting on Edmund and Lucy hugging him then Elizabeth went next to hug him. The two parted and looked at each other, the feelings they had for another were strong as with his free hand he stroked her cheek.

"Thank you, for all those times you saved me." He told her.

"You're not worthless Edmund, you may be a pain but I couldn't love you less." She told him.

"I fancy you Elizabeth and I was hoping one day since I'm -- well a prince here and you--you're a princess, maybe we could be together for always?" Edmund came straight out and told her.

"I'd like that very much." She smiled.

Lucy and Susan watched then smirked looking at another and back at them, the two said: "kiss already will you!"

They looked at everyone and smiled at another leaning in as it was finally set and done, leaving the others to cheer louder now as their heir princess had found the prince.

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