The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

Read the story to find out more.


5. Edmunds Betrayal

In the cold cell of the white witches palace, Elizabeth went to the other side having her back turned to Edmund for doing a stupid thing such as this, Edmund tried to drink from his cup but it was frozen.

He also tried to eat the stale bread but it too was frozen already, looking up he tried to avert his eyes somewhere else but something inside made him scoot closer to her.

"Don't. Even. Think. About it." Her tone was enunciating every word.

This didn't scare him away he sighed softly wanting his little cub to talk to him again -- yes I know what you're thinking, a mortal and a cub you'd call her being his, well the truth was she was his little cub in his eyes.

"come on Liz, talk to me?"


"Come on please?"

"You want me to talk? Okay, I'll talk." She went up to him on her knees then slapped the back of his head.

"Ow!!! What was that for?" Edmund exclaimed painfully and rubbed the back of his head.

"You pompous idiot, that's for getting us here in the bloody first place."


The gates opened as Jadis's footsteps were heard by the echoes as even though Elizabeth was on the bridge of killing Edmund, Lizzy sat by him not letting the witch kill him.

"My police tore that dam apart, you're little family are nowhere to be found." She said very angrily.

Picking him up by the shirt this got Lizzy mad.

"Where did they go?" She said after holding him up by the shirt.

"I--I don't know!"

"Then you are no further use to me." Jadis threw him on top of Lizzy who caught him. As she raised her wand.

"Wait! The beavers said something about Aslan! That they had an army there."

Lizzy facepalmed as Mr. Tumnus sighed lowly looking down disappointed.

"Aslan?" Jadis asked her voice shook as she looked afraid of him that didn't show. "Where?" She then lowered her wand.


"You must not push him, your majesty, he is new--" thump! "Aah!" Cried Lizzy as that hurt when Ginnabrik did that with whatever he had in his hands.

Edmund looked distraught by this and turned to face the queen.

"I left before they said anything, I wanted to see you!"

"GUARD!!!" Jadis shouted.

Lizzy buried herself as her head now laid in the warmth of Edmunds' chest where she bled as well from the hurt.

"Yes? Your majesty?" Asked the minotaur

"Release the fawn."

Mr. Tumnus had been dragged as she turned to him now.

"Do you know why you're here? Fawn?"

"Because I believe in a free, Narnia." He replied bravely.

She kept her eyes on the fawn as she pointed to the children with her wand.

"You're here because they turned you in," she then faced them "for sweeties."

Edmund said nothing as the two sat there beside each other, she knew it, she knew all along.

"Edmund misses his family."


With that they left the two in the freezing cold dungeon alone now, Edmund after having his head leaning on his knees he looked over to Lizzy. Putting an arm around her to keep her warm he pulled her close, using a cloth he had from England to clean the scar Ginnabrick made.

"I'm sorry..." He apologized breaking the silence.

She wiped her nose and looked away.

"What do you care... you got what you wanted now look where we are," Liz said turning further from here.

"I care about you." He said quietly looking down.

As he said that she looked over at him turning now to face him, she had to make sure she heard clearly.


He turned his glance towards her now and exhaled a deep sigh causing cold air from his mouth, never did he wanted to admit he fancied her from the moment they met back in the stairs, he could sense her watching, waiting for him to keep going.

"I have fancied you since we met at the stairs when you made me into a crazy person thinking no one was there but," He paused "you always were I--I just didn't see it before."

Her eyes widened but all she did was avert them, that was when she came back and the two were cuffed at the bottom of the sleigh as she headed for Aslan's camp, giving a glance to the two with her wand in hand.

Edmund with tied hands he managed to push her off quickly as she transformed into a cub while tumbling in the snow landing on her stomach, he looked at her and nodded, lizzy watched the sleigh.


She quickly ran sensing danger at the glaciers trying to get to the other three who are in trouble, as Maugrim jumped down she jumped in front growling unafraid of him anymore. She was not going to show fear.

"Elizabeth no, what are you doing?" Peter said holding his sword up as his sisters coward behind him.

"Protecting you." She said.

"Ha protecting them, you are just a little cub."

Elizabeth growled and leaped towards him as it became a battle of biting and yelps between the two, once Maugrim caught her he threw her back to the glacier the three Pevensie's were at, Lucy gasped and grabbed hold of her as she was hurt. It was then...


The ice began to thaw out when a huge wave broke through as it did, it broke the barrier and lifted the platform where they stood on once lizzy realized Peter stabbed the sword in it to cause an avalanche and get rid of the dogs. Lizzy, Susan and Lucy all screamed getting covered in water as they climbed back on letting the current take them.


Sitting himself Edmund knew she'd be safe enough to keep Jadis at bay, it was rather him than her.

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