The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

Read the story to find out more.


1. New four friends



This book takes place during the first movie.

Ages of the kids in the lion the witch and the wardrobe

Peter: 13
Susan: 12
Edmund: 10
Elizabeth: 10
Lucy: 8

Elizabeth was visiting her old friend Mr. Tumnus in Narnia she was a born animal shape-shifter slash human due to a wizard able to save her life, wanting to visit Mr. Kirke she calls him, an old friend of his after saying hello to Mr. Kirke she heard shouting.

Running down the hall she slid down the bars that met with her pale face, one of the two boys named Peter and Edmund looked up to surprising that he sees a girl.

"Peter, Peter look." He nudged his older brother to look but when he finally did to shut him up... she was gone.

"Don't turn into Lucy now," Peter told him and continued to walk further.

Hearing Mrs. McCready talk bored the children as she appeared once more looking through the bars of the railings, he was definitely going crazy but Edmund was fixated on seeing the girl his age, as he walked up to his room, Digory told her nicely to go give the boys some comfort as she brought some toys she had for the boys to play with trying to be nice.

Knocking as the door was half opened already she walked in.

"Oh, a visitor," Peter said looking at Edmund nudging him to say something.

"He--hello." He gave her a glance then put his hands in his pockets.

Peter rolled his eyes, he obviously didn't know respect when shown as he held out his hand "don't mind my brother, my names Peter, Peter Pevensie." He told her. "That's my little brother Edmund."

Giving a nervous smile meeting new four friends she will have, she used her other hand and shook it smiling.

"Elizabeth, pleasure meeting you Peter," she moved her eyes to Edmund now "peter... I uh, brought some games I believe you two will like... I really don't know if..."

"Don't worry, we will be happy to play them, thank you," Peter said being polite.

A few hours later of getting them settled in she was in her one room as Edmund came by taking a quite an interest in her.

"Hello, Edmund." She said not needing to look to know.

"I came to ask, why did you hide when my brother wanted to see you?" Edmund asked curiously.

"It's not easy to explain Edmund, you see in my world I live in, my father said if I were to ever encounter creatures like you, it has to be only one for now..."


"Erm... because it takes trust in two to believe what's really there." She said.

He nodded leaning against the wall still talking to her, wanting to know more, usually Edmund was never the sort, back home he was horrible to lucy and still is constantly making fun of her, taunting her. But now with lizzy, it's like she is able to change him, make him a better brother and human he could be.

It's like with her he could change for the better shaking it off.

"I see, so when I looked at you, you can trust me really?"

Turning to face him she walked up to him not feeling uncomfortable at all he stood straight, closing the door.

"Show me."

"Well, someone is persistent," Elizabeth said impressed with him.

Sighing softly she smiled and shook her head no then walked to check on the others, heading downstairs she noticed lucy is very uncomfortable, hearing her talking to her siblings unhappy about the new home they have to be for quite some time.

"Sheets feel scratchy." She sniffled.

Standing beside him Susan comforts her little sister "wars don't last forever Lucy, we'll be home soon."

Edmund makes a snarky comment "Yeah if home's still there."

This made Lucy look up saddened, as Susan sighed.

"Isn't time you were in bed?"

"Yes, mom." He said sarcastically.

"Ed." Peter turns to lucy "you saw outside, this place is huge we can do whatever we want here, tomorrow's going to be great... really."

"Don't worry Susan, I'll take him to get in bed," Elizabeth told her as she thanked for the help.

Walking to Edmunds room she closed the door and sighed softly not wanting to do show him the truth yet.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"You wanted to know the truth, well I'm ready to trust you, do you?"

He nodded and as she slowly calmed she transformed into her true form she was a lion cub looking up at him, he was breathing heavily. A bit frightened but knew it was lizzy inside as he knelt down to be face to face with her.

"Liz?" Edmund asked to see if her human mind was in there.

She showed that by licking his forehead and playfully played with him on the ground like it would a normal dog as he laughed, he sat back up on the bed watching her come over beside him as she smiled on the inside. Edmund could see it, she was definitely still there, slowly and calmly he reached his hand out as she touched her head to him it left him a lion mark.

The lion mark was a brand that she trusts him, that he had promised to watch over her and be her mate as they would say it in lion form, he got in bed whilst holding her and put her down on the bed as she sniffed the comforters.

"What? Never been in a human bed before."

He watched as she went under the covers emerging out later lying down under them, her eyes slowly fell asleep, hopefully, Peter is right. She hasn't checked the TV to see if it would be sunny tomorrow to play, Edmund began to pet her stroking her soft fur as usually the lions he has ever seen up close were the ones at the zoo she purred happily watching him.

What was this feeling the boy felt as she felt it too not aware of this human feeling of love for him, he pulled her close to him to safely secure her, Elizabeth felt comfortable for a reason and it was strange, odd like happiness as she fell asleep in the arms of the boy she first began to trust.


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