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1. New year, New Me (hopefully)

WELCOME READERS TO POSSIBLY THE GREATEST or possible the lamest YEAR IN MY LIFE! I am Tori Brown, (short for Victoria, but don't you dare call me that) and welcome to my FABULOUS blog. 

I know, I know, I'm late starting this. I WOULD have started it earlier, even on January 1st if my mom hadn't grounded me for 2 weeks and taken my laptop. Why would my Mom ground me in New Years Eve? Well, to know that, you have to meet Gigi Harrison and Uriah Shell. 

Gigi and Uriah are my best friends, but very different. Gigi (short for Angelina) is loud, a risk taker, and she's probably not going to be winning any safety awards anytime soon. Uriah is... well not exactly SHY, he just isn't as social as Gigi. Neither am I. So, just by knowing that you can guess which one of my friends got us in trouble. Gigi.

Last year on New Years, Gigi came to me and Uriah with some list of cool stuff she wanted to do that year, like go on a roller-coaster with a loop. SHE DID EVERYTHING ON THAT LIST. Except for "ride a go-cart down Willard Avenue." Willard Avenue is the steepest street in my neighborhood. Me and Uriah knew how it would end; with Gigi in hospital, so we said no way. Gigi let us back out as long as we didn't tell anyone. Gigi got caught sneaking out to go to Willard, and my Mom got super mad at me for not "caring about my friends safety." Which, by the way, I feel HORRIBLE about.

Well, I got grounded. So did Gigi and Uriah. That's how our first 2 weeks of the new year were a bust. Me, Gigi and Uriah are trying to make this year THE BEST YEAR EVER, and I plan to document it.



But let's hope it's not.

-Tori Brown  

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