Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


4. Iris's POV (Chapter4)

I know I can't stay out there all night, just long enough for us to all cool down, so I slowly made my way back home, Darren was there, in my room waiting for me. 

"You can't keep running to the woods, one day that spot you think is secretive will be found and you'll be stuck here. Just like your dumb father." He said emerging from the darkness

"He's your father too, and he was better than ever than that bitch that you call mom could ever be. He was fair and heard everyone out. Why are you in my room?" I say folding my arms

"I knew you would sneak back in. I just had to wait. He wasn't around enough for me to call him a father." Darren said coldly.

"Just get out." I say lowering my arms

"No I need to talk to you."

"Darren get out!" I say with edge and clenching my fists.

Darren smiles, "don't like it when I talk about Daddy huh?" he mocks

"GET. OUT. NOW." I say raising my voice

"You hate it, he left you, he died just like your bitch mother."

"GET OUT AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE AND NEVER TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!" I scream throwing a punch clearly missing, I start to cry.

I faintly see a smile on Darren's face, it's not fair, he's got to live with his mother his whole life. Mine died in childbirth and I was never told how my dad died. I've kept small things to remember them by, my dad's pocket knife, he used it to teach me to carve, to make spears to hunt fish with, so when he died I  took it, for my eighth birthday my dad gave me three necklaces one had a charm of an anchor, one was angel wings and the last one was an infinity charm, my father said that my mother and her two sisters all had one. My mother's sisters both tragically died in a car crash, they where leaving a party in an Taxi driver was drunk and crashed the car they where in killing everyone involved. So my mother took the necklaces and wore them all, all the time. Now I wear one at a time today i'm wearing the infinity symbol. Lastly I have my mother's wedding ring, I never take it off anymore. 

"Iris, honey why are you crying?" says Kimberly, I don't even feel it necessity to call her mom anymore, but I think she'd hit me if I ever call her by her first name. I also don't know why she bothers caring, she does hate me after all.

I wipe my tears and brush her off, "I'm fine I just...walked on a stick in the woods and it hurt..."

"I thought you had shoes on when you left."

"It was in my shoe...I'm tired and I think tomorrow I'm going to spend the day at Anna's." I lied, I tell her I'm going to my "friend" Anna's house when I'm going to spend the day in the woods. But she didn't need to know that. 

"That's fine dear." She walks out of the room and I crawl into my bed and fall asleep.



The next morning I leap out for bed and rush down the stairs, ignore the ugly face Darren is giving me. I grab a breakfast bar, and run back up to my room forgetting that I'm still in yesterdays clothes. I change into my usual, capris yoga pants and a workout tank-top, plus a Nike sweater.  I brush my hair and put it in a pony tail grab my sneakers and run out the door down the street but through a detor so I can get to the woods. I reach my hut, what Darren said last night really got to me so I went down to the creek where we went fishing sometimes, and just lied there, I let the sun beat on my face and a flood of memeories from when I was a kid comes back to me. 

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