Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


7. Iris's POV (Chapter 7)


After a while I started to hear rustling in the bushes, the sound was too loud to be a rodent.

"Hello? Is someone there?" I call out grabbing the pocket knife, no answer, I stiffen. Right as I walk towards the bushes the creature jumps out. A bear cub, knowing that 90% of the time where there a cub a mother is not far behind so I quickly gather my items and make a mad dash for the hut. As I got closer I noticed that something was different, shoe prints where in the dirt. I sprint for a tree and climb as quickly and as quietly as I can. I cover myself well enough with tree leaves and wait. When a girl with short light blue hair, leaving my hut. I stare at her, then jump down from my tree right in front of her. She jumps back, I stare at her.

"Who are you?" I say sternly


"What are you doing here?"


Why where you in my hut?'


But then I snap back to reality and she has already left. I jump down from my tree and run into my hut.  Everything seemed to be in the place they have always been but then I look over at the necklaces and something seems off, I walked over to the hooks that the necklaces where on and both where missing. Rage consumes me and I dash out of the hut and in the direction the strange girl left. I follow the tracks into areas of the woods I haven't even been in. I break down in tears, I've been in too much shit lately for me not to cry. My brother is an ass, my dad died and I wasn't aloud to have a proper funeral other than just saying good-bye to his lifeless body. The witch that is my legal guardian thinks its the early 1900's and girls aren't supposed to like certain things; and lastly the one thing that has kept me connected to my mother and my aunts that have all passed was stolen, right from underneath me. 


I cry for what feels like hours then wipe the tears away from my face and slowly walk back to my hut. I pick up a picture of my dad and me a few months before he died. I look at all of my little memories from my past, and even though I've never known my mother and her sisters having all of these little"keepsakes" makes it feel like I have known them all my life...without them I have nothing to live for. 



Hey so its me love_fangirling when  was writing this I got confused and wrote the wrong the I apologizee, I hope this is better if this is still confusing please let me know and I'll try to fix it.

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