Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


10. Iris's POV (Chapter 10)

I roll out of the cot and reach for my phone the time, "6:27...Shit I'm going to be late again!" I put on a pair of spare clothes that I keep for times like this. I put on my favorite grey hoodie with a pair of light blue jeans, my black high-top converse and a black baseball hat. I put my phone in my back pocket and I rush out of the street to the bus stop right as the bus pulls up.

"You almost missed it again." Kathy the bus driver says

"But I didn't." I say putting earbuds on

"Good to see you too." We smile and I walk to the back of the bus, sit down and blast my spotify playlist. My street is the first one to be picked up so I got a long trip ahead of me.


About half way through the trip some asshole decides to take my earbud out. "Move." he says

"Naaahhh I'm good thanks for the offer though." I say putting my earbud back in.

"Maybe you didn't hear me," he grabs my arm "I said move. This is my seat."

"Look dumbo, I don't give a shit that this is "your seat" I sat my ass down here and I intend to stay here and I'm sure as hell not going to move because some dumb football player wants his precious seat. So you can go cry to your coach but I'm not moving. "

He raises his arm, I know where this is going, Kimberley has done it once before.

"KEVIN!! Don't. You'll lose your scholarship." Another guy says I think his name is Alex but I don't care enough to be sure. 

Kevin leans in close to my ear and says "You better watch yourself bitch, high school is hell."

"Yeah I know so is your breath." I put my earbuds back on and stare aimlessly out the window when someone taps me on the shoulder gently.  I pull my earbud out angrily and stare at Alec I think. "What do you want?"
"You alright?"
"I'm fine now before you say anything else what's my name?" 

"What?" He asks confused

"What's my name?" I say dead serious


"Exactly, bye now" 

"I just saved your ass from the biggest asshole in the school and this is how you thank me."

"Any other day you would've rolled your eyes and said shit rumors about me and not cared that I sit alone, have no friends and for all you know try to kill myself every single day. But when I'm clearly handling it you decide to be the knight and shining armor. Why is that?"
He stares blankly at me and walks away pissed.  



The bus pulls into Cold Springs High School and stand up and walk down the isle of chairs. I smile at Kathy and I walk over to the large oak tree past the stoners when the bell rings for class to begin. 





The final bell of the day rings and I sprint out of the classroom and back to my bus and in a random seat in the middle. I settle in as other people including Kevin and Adam (?) get on. I look in my backpack for my sketch book. When someone pours hot coffee on my head. Laughter erupts from the bus and Kevin is behind me  says "Hey Karma's a bitch." 

I wipe the coffee off my face and look him dead in the face and say "yeah I am a bitch." I punch him square in the face. His nose instantly starts to bleed and he falls into the seat behind me. 

"Iris Parks and Kevin Wither come with me." says the voice of Principal Carr. 

"Shit." I say under my breath and I walk off the bus Kevin follows behind me. I look back at the bus as it drives away we follow him into his office.

"Have a seat Miss Parks. Mr. Wither come with me." I sit down in a seat outside of the office and I try to get the coffee out of my clothes the best I could.


About an hour later Kevin walks out of the office with a big ice pack covering his face when he shoots me a dirty look. I can only return the favor as I put my middle finger up.  "Miss Parks," I stand up and follow him to his office. He gestures to a chair in front of his desk. I sit down and mentally prepare myself for what is about to come. "I have one hing to say to you young lady...Great job!" 

I stare at him confused as hell, "excuse me sir I think I hear you wrong. Did you just say 'Good Job?'" he nods "Sir I punched a student... most likely breaking his nose. Shouldn't I be suspended or expelled?"

"Normally yes but this was an act of self defense," he gestures to my coffee stained shirt and hat. "And no were in the school rules says I have to punish you for that." 

"Thank you? I don't mean to be rude but is that all?"
"Yes you may go." 

I stand up and I walk out of the school. I look down at my phone no notifications "Why do I even bother?" I think to myself. I start the long walk back to my house. 


I finish the long exhausting walk back when I reach the steps of my house as I go to open the door it flies open and Kimberley is there a mess. I open my mouth to say something when she cuts me off. "Save it! I've been worried sick!" Lies if she was she would've called me. "School ended hours ago where were you and why are you covered in coffee?"
"An asshole poured coffee on me." I sigh "I had to go to the nearest store to wash it off, resulting in me missing the bus so I had to walk home. And for the record Kimberley if you were "worried sick" you could've called me." I push past her and inside so I can grab a pen so I can do my homework in my hut. 

I turn around look at her and say "Fuck off. I've dealt with enough with your shit for years gimmie a break." She starts to chase after me up the stairs and Darren block off me from my room. "Move Darren."

"No you deserve this."

"Darren last chance!"

"No." I raise my knee to up his balls as hard as I can he collapses in pain as I jump over him run into my room, slam the door and locked it.

"IRIS OPEN THIS DOOR!!" Kimberley pounds on the door. I pick up my gym bag, pack it with a pack of pens, more spare clothes and my hairbrush. Kimberley pounds on the door again. I open my window, throw my gym bag out the window as I try to make it to the gutter so I can climb down it. I make it down to the ground pick up my bag and sprint to the woods. As I get closer I hear peoples voices. Girls. Two of them. I get closer when I realize that they are inside the hut.

"Shit!" I say loud enough. I search my bag for my pocket knife, when I find it I'm forced to walk in on the intruders. "Just please don't be having sex." I say softer and I walk into the hut. 


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