Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


1. Iris's POV (Chapter 1)

I've never been 'normal' my family is embarrassed that I like action and adventure. My family is are the type of people, who think that action is fake and dangerous and no place for a lady, that's bull if you ask me...I think that people should be able to like what they like even if it's violent. I like the rush I like how I feel like I could do what the main character does. 

"Iris! Get downstairs, Mom wants to talk to you!" My older brother Darren taunts. 

"What did I do now?" I say looking at him skeptically, knowing he did something, and he's just blaming me. 

"You broke the vase when you where recreating a scene from that garbage you watch." He says smearking

"You know the younger sibling is supposed to be able to pin things on their older siblings, not the other way around."

"Just shut up and get down there." I roll my eyes and start to walk down the stairs but as I pass him I, shove him into the wall just for fun, I laugh to myself and walk proudly down the stairs where my mother waits.

"You've really done it this time Missy!" She says with a pissed expression on her face.

"I haven't done anything, I've been in my room all day doing homework." I say folding my arms

"You think your cool don't you?!" 

"No, I think that you believe whatever Darren tells you, no matter how stupid it sounds."

"Don't talk about your brother like that." 

"I can do whatever I want because you aren't my real mother! Your my step-mother, and because my dad died you think that you can just boss me around. NO my real mother may be dead and my father might have came crawling back to you because I needed a mother, well news flash a fish would've been better than you!" I scream, she didn't know that I knew that she wasn't my real mom, but I hate her just the same. While she stands there silent I push open the screen door and I start to run to the woods, because it's the only place I know they won't follow me. I can hide myself here I've done it before. When my dad was alive we used to go out to the woods everyday and work on this hut, we made it out of the elements around us, its made of sticks and mud, we walked so far one day that we found a creek, he taught me to boil the water and to hunt. I still go out there when I need space from the hectic house I have to live in. If I had a choice I'd stay out here, it's calmer, quieter and I just like it more than I could ever like my so-called home

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