Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


9. Chloe's POV (Chapter 9)

I wake up to the obnoxious voice of the morning radio man, blubbering on about what a 'beautiful day ' it was going to be.

"Shut the FUCK up!" I scream. 

I lay in bed smothering my face with a pillow for a solid 5 minutes before eventually getting up and slamming my hand down atop the radio, which serves as my alarm, though I wish it didn't. I drag myself across the room to my closet and throw on the first outfit I see. I proceed to sulk through the house going about my morning routine. I usually don't have time for breakfast, so I whip my bag over my shoulder and haul myself off to Cold Springs High.

When I finally reach the bus stop, I look around at all of the little clicks that surround me.

There's the stoner guys, who can't seem to go a day without their skateboards. They take pleasure in trying (and failing, miserably) to land a single trick. I'm pretty sure I overheard one of them saying something about 'getting the ladies' once. Just the thought of it makes me laugh, considering I don't think a single soul can stand them. I'm talking even would turn away if one of them looked at me, which is saying a lot, considering my standards are pitifully low.

Then to my left, stand the popular girls. In short, they're always drinking Starbucks, wearing 30 pounds of make-up, and dating someone new each week. About as stereotypical as they come.

Next, the jocks. Wearing their Letterman jackets, and carrying a football underneath right arm. I associate them closely with the popular girls I just described,  considering they're always paired up like some sort of tag team. I've lost count of who's dated who and who broke up with who when and who's "just friends" and -nevermind.

And finally, we have the nerds. Those perfect kids who get all A's and follow every single rule there is.

Then here I am. Stuck in the middle of all of it. I don't know how I'd categorize myself, but I'm definitely neither a stoner, nor am I a priss.

Still lost in thought, I barely notice when the bus arrives at our stop. After a painfully long bus ride, I race into the school to my locker. I gather my binders and jog to first period.

On my way their, I bump into someone. "Sorry!" I say, but when I lift my head, it's the girl from the woods, I think she said her name was Ash.

"So you do go to this school. Quite the coincidence." She smirks.

"Guess so," I reply "What do you have first?"

"Ugh, Algebra," Ash gags. "You?"

"Ha! I have chem." I laugh. "Speaking of which," I say while glancing at my watch.

"Yeah, I should go to. We're still on for this afternoon right? At the hut?"

"As far as I know, yep." I nod.

"Cool. So I'll see you there?" she asks.

"Plan on it!" I say turning away. "Talk later?"

"Sure. Later!" She shouts

"Later!" I reply, already half way down the hall.


Hey! Shannon here. Thx so much for reading my chapter. And thanks even more for 1000 reads! That's insane. Hope to see y'all keeping up with the story! Til next time...





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