Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


6. Chloe's POV (Chapter 6)

My steady pace becomes a jog as I stray further from my home and deeper into the woods. I continue to jog until I have to stop and catch my breath. I bend down and place the palms of my hands to my knees. I've managed to stop the tears from rolling down my face. It's at this moment I realize that I have absolutely no clue where I am. I gather up the strength to remove my hands from my legs and look up. The first thing I see is a small hut, and I raise an eyebrow. Who in their right mind would build a hut in the middle of their woods? Creeping closer, an array of footprints on the ground catches my attention. My heart rate speed up and my head whirls around. I become suspicious that I'm not alone. 

"Hello? Is someone there?" I say. "Hello??" I called, louder this time.

I stand up straight and walk toward the hut, trying to look confident. "I'm right here. If you're going to jump at me now would be the time."

No answer. I exhale as I knock on the door of the hut. "Last chance" I remark. "Okay, I'm coming in."

I stride through the door and slightly chuckle as I look around. There really isn't anybody here! I pace around the room, looking at each item, wondering about what it is, and who it may belong to. That's when it hits me. Who's house is this?

There are plenty of pictures lying around, but most look old, like they were taken years ago. None are labeled, or have any names written on them. 

Then, one particular item catches my eye. It's a necklace, with a pair of angle's wings dangling from the chain. I remove it from it's hook and examine it closer. There are little gems lining the outer-perimeter of the wings, and it's definitely made of some type of silver.

I then here the crinkling of leaves outside the hut. In a panic, I sprint out of the hut, the door swinging behind me. I keep running and don't stop. As my feet pound on the dirt, and realize the necklace is still trapped in my hand, which is tightly balled into a fist. I'm so focused on the necklace, that I don't snap out my thoughts until my shoulder drives into a complete stranger.


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