Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


5. Ash's POV (Chapter 5)

I kept sprinting further into the woods. I felt like I couldn't stop. So I didn't. But I eventually had to. I stopped and leaned against a tree, trying to catch my breathe. But it was almost impossible with the tears flowing down my face, the lump in my throat and the ragged breathes from sprinting. The tree was against my back as I slowly slid down and sat on the ground, looking at the sky. It was still black, but slowly getting brighter. How long was I running for? Closing my eyes, I took some deep breathes to try and calm down. I open my eyes and try to stand. My legs feel weak and there's a stitch in my side, but I continue and slowly move forward. There was something weird ahead of me that I could just barely  make out. There were tons of ferns. Tons of them. Curious, I continue to investigate it and there was a little hut in the middle of the clearing.

"..What..?", I mumble out loud, "Why would there be a hut out here...?"

I walked towards the hut and something things were inside it. Almost like someone was living here. Peeking inside, I see that no one was there and continue to go further in. Towards the back, there was a cot with a shaggy wool blanket with a pillow, a big supply box next to it and there were picture frames scattered around the ground and on top of the box. Picking one up, I see that almost all of them were of a little girl and a man. I could only assume that the man was the father of the girl. The girl had dark brown hair with bangs covering her forehead and hazel eyes. She was smiling a silly, toothy grin while next to the man. The man had brown hair and green eyes. He had an amazing, bright smile. He had an arm around the girl as they booth looked into the camera. They seemed happy. I set that down and picked up the next one. This time they were almost in the same position but the girl was much taller and seemed to be around 12 years old. Putting the picture down, I look around a bit more. There were two hooks on the wall. Next to the hooks was a small, shattered wall mirror. On both hooks was a necklace. One with an angle wing charm on a little chain. The other one had an anchor charm. They were both silver. Below the hooks was a white box with a big red cross on the cover. A first-aid kit. There were a couple of books in a pile in the corner. I picked one up and the title read, "Clay Dolls." Didn't seem like anything interesting so I set it down and continued looking.But the necklaces kept catching my attention. Especially the anchor one. Would people mind if I took it? It didn't look like anyone was here. Gently taking it off it's hook, I pick it up and look at it closer. It was just a simple, silver anchor. I loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Looking into the mirror, I put the necklace on. It was hard to see with the cracks, but it looked nice. I looked around a little more for about 5 minutes. But it looked like I saw all that the hut had to offer. Completely forgetting I had the necklace on, I left and ventured further into the woods.  


( Sorry this isn't the best chapter. Sorry! :'))-Musical_Art

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