Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


2. Ash's POV (Chapter 2 )


"Give me a second!"

"No! NOW!", my mother yelled from downstairs.

"Guys I'll be right back my mother wants me.", I said to my friends on the game I was playing. A first person shooter game on PC, called Mission A. Taking off my headset I paused the game and made my way downstairs. My mom was waiting for me, tapping her foot. 

"What?", I asked her.

"What do you mean "what"?!", she looked at me like I was suppose to read her mind.

I just shrugged and leaned against the wall with my arms crossed. She kept looking at me, expecting me to say something. 

"I don't know what you want so if you won't tell me may I go?", I asked her, raising my eyebrows. 

"You still need to do the dishes!"

"Can I do it later? I'm in the middle of something."

"And what would that be? That stupid, waste of money game?"

"No. Homework.", I lied.

It was Sunday. I usually do have homework on the weekends considering I'm a 17 year old girl in high school. But I already finished it. 

"Yeah I bet. I can hear you screaming profanity at people you don't even know. For example..."Oh! OH!! YOU LITTLE SHI-"

"Okay! I get it! I'm screaming stupid things while I play a useless, waste of money game.", I say, loathing my own words. In my experience, most games are amazing and help me through a lot of stupid shit. Like what's happening right now. "Now if you excuse me, I'll be upstairs." I say pushing myself off the wall. As I start upstairs, my mom says to me, "The dishes better be done when I get home!". I turn around and look at her. "Wait. Where are you going?" 

"I told you earlier. I'm going on my date with Jeremy!"


"I should be back by around 12:00. There's food in the fridge and you have my cell number."

"Yes I know.... I'll see you later."

"Bye, baby.", she says hugging me. 


She releases me and goes to leave as I walk upstairs. Once I'm back at my computer I put my headset on and un-pause the game. "Ok. I'm back! Let's go!", I say to my team. Before I know it I looked up and it was dark outside. Looking at the clock I see that it's almost 12. 

"Hey guys I wish I could stay longer, but I need to get going....", I say sadly to my friends.

"Oh. We'll see you tomorrow?", asked Zert. He was always really nice. I don't know what his real name is but that's what we all call him.

"Oh okay bye then!", chirps Emily.

Everyone else said goodbye and I say my goodbyes and log off for the night. Turning off my monitor, taking off my headset, I get up and flop down on my bed staring at the ceiling. Mom was suppose to be back any minute now. Closing my eyes, I turn towards the wall and try to fall asleep. But as soon as I close my eyes, I can hear my Mom's car pulling up on the gravel driveway. I pull myself up and put my black army boots on. I put them on so  I could go on a walk after hopefully. Once I finish tying them, I head downstairs. I was expecting my mom to be drunk. Which she was. I confirmed my suspicions as soon as I saw her. Her hair was a mess and I could smell the alcohol on her. 

"Oh! Sweetie...!", she says to swaying towards to me. She slurred her words and still she still had a bottle in her hand. I didn't say anything as she slowly came towards me.I just crossed my arms and waited for her to come closer. She stopped in front of me and I looked at her.

"What'er you doin'?",

Again, I didn't answer her. It was better if you didn't talk to her when she was drunk.

"I said...what'er you doin'?!", she started to get agitated now. I expected her to get violent soon. She did.

She slapped me right across the face, but I stood my ground and looked back at her. I wouldn't say a word. But it didn't stop there. She kept going. She knit her eyebrows together, trying to focus her eyes on me. Again she started to hit me. This time it was a sucker punch to the shoulder. This caught me off guard and I lost my balance and slammed against the wall. But it kept coming. She kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting....Finally I threw my own punch and it landed square in her jaw. It surprised her, causing her to stumble backward, off of me. I took the chance and ran towards the door. I flung it open and sprinted as fast as I could towards the woods, tears streaming down my face. 

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