Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


11. Ash's POV (Chapter 11)

Beep Beep BeeP BeEP BEEP BEEP BEEP -slam-

The beeping of my alarm clock stops as I throw a pillow on it. I let my hand fall down and hang over the edge. Face down in my pillow, I groan. Not looking forward to school, I slowly sit up and look at my dresser across the room, then the clock. 


Somehow I managed to sleep through half the alarm. 6:15. The bus would be there in fifteen minutes!

Quickly I jump up and rip open the drawers in my dresser and grab the first things I find. Which was a black shirt, red flannel, black, ripped jeans, black socks, black converse and black beanie. As you can see, I like black. 

I quickly get dressed and run to the bathroom, start brushing my teeth and run back to my room. Franticly, I throw my self down on the floor, scurrying over to my shoes, my toothbrush almost falling out of my mouth in the process. I shove my shoes on and run back to the bathroom again. I spit into the sink and run downstairs and grab my bag and skateboard that I keep by the door. 

Flinging open the door, I run to the sidewalk and throw the board down, jump on it and continue on my way.


It seems I'm some how a little early. The bus hasn't showed up yet and there are still kids here. I slow down and kick the board up and settle down in the shade near a tree. Sliding down the tree, I open my bag and pull out my phone, earbuds and hairbrush. I brush my hair and put it back into my bag and put my earbuds in. Choosing the playlist I want, I blast it and scroll through Tumblr. Just as my favorite song comes on, I feel someone tap me on the shoulder. I look up and take out one earbud. 

It's another senoir. He has a skateboard in hand and is wearing a big grey shirt, and sagging blue jeans with dirty blond hair. Kevin I think his name was...? I don't know. I don't really pay attention to names of people I don't like. Which is bassically everyone.

"You think you're good at skateboarding?!", he scoffs.

"I never said anything about it? But yeah I would say so....", I reply, about to put my earbud back in when he scoffs again and spits on the ground (ew).

"Let's see if you can actually do anything. Considering you're a girl anyway. Those things would hold you down right?", he challenges, gestering to my boobs. 

Sexist dick. He's probably just looking for an excuse to look at my chest and show me off. Huh. He's in for a rude awakening then.

I smirk as I stand up, putting my phone in my back pocket, putting my earbunds in my bag and throw it on. I grab my board and start going down the hill. 

As I glide down the road, I do a pop shove it and an ollie over the pothole that's been there for years. As the bus rolls up, I ride by Dickhead and smirk at him. He looked speechless, clearly not expecting me to do anything.

He tries to catch up but ends up falling and probably scraping his hands.

"Practice will do you good, bud! Try it and maybe you can attempt to'll find something I guess....", I smirk at him as he glares at me and I hop up the steps of the bus and pick a seat in the way back. 

Fishing out my phone and earbuds yet again, I continue what I was doing before I was inturrepted. I look around me and see people staring and whispering at me. Of course. I'm used to it. They're probably talking about how I'm the poor girl with the druken mother.

Trying to ignore them, I look out the window and sink lower into my seat until I get to school.


I shove my skateboard into my locker along with my bag. I keep my earbuds and phone in my pocket and grab my binder for algreba. Ugh. I hate any type of math. 

All of a sudden, someone bumps into me.

"Sorry!", she squeals.

I look down and I notice it's Chloe. The girl from the woods.

"So you do go to this school. Quite the coincidence.", I smile at her.

"Guess so.", she says "What do you have first?"

"Ugh. Algebra.", I gag "You?"

"Ha! I have chem! Speaking of which", she glances at her watch

"Yeah I should go. We're still on for today right? At the hut?"

"As far as I know yep."

"Cool. So I'll see you there?", I ask.

"Plan on it!"She says, turning away "Talk later?"

"Sure later!"

"Later!", she yells, from down the hall.


I continue in with the rest of the day and before I know it, I'm on the bus, waiting to go home when I see a girl sit down in the seat next to me. The bitch Kevin walks on and dumps a huge cup of coffee all over her. 

"Hey. Karma's a bitch!", he says smirking.

I was ready to intervene, but she stood up so quickly and says

"Yeah. I am a bitch!", punching him square in the face.

Not even five minutes later. the principal comes on and says 

"Iris Parks ans Kevin Wither come with me." 

The girl (Iris I guess her name is) curses under her breath and follows the principal.

I stand up with my stuff and run off the bus before the driver can close the doors. I put my faltbrim hat on skate towards the house, but taking a sharp turn towards the woods. Soon, I'm there and I kick the board up, waiting for Chloe.



Hey guys! I hope you like this chapter! I'm really proud of! Also!! Thanks so much for almost 1.400 views! That's insane! But anyway, for those of you that dont skateboard (like me) here are the tricks that Ash did.

Pop shove it


Sorry if there are any typos or anything like that!


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