Gang Leaders Daughter

Roxanne lives with her mom in a small quite town until she gets sick and dies. With no where else to go Roxanne goes to live with her dad. Living with her dad, and finding out what he is is a shock. Then one day she goes to the mall, with her friend Jasmine, were she meets Jaxon. As the two get to know each other better, a problems comes up. Roxy knows she has to save her dad. Will it tear them apart? or make them hold on tighter to each other?


29. Given chances

I walked into my office. My father sitting at the desk. 

''It seems like you've officially taken over.''He said., chuckling.

''After you left I kind of took charge.''I said.

''I know Elizabeth told me. She also told me you sucker punched Victor.''He said.

''Yes I did It wasn't nice of him to talk about you like you were nothing.''I said.

''Hes been needing to be put in his place for a while now glad someone did it.''He said. He laughed and looked down noticing the ring on my finger.

"Where did that come from?''He asked. Looking at the ring.

''Umm..''I tried to think of a way to say it.''I got asked by someone would I merry them and I said yes.''I said.

''I know that who asked?''He said, getting angry.

''Jaxon.''I whispered.

''Who?''He asked.''I didn't hear you.''

''Jaxon, Blane's son.''I said.

''Blane's son, are enemies son. You go off and want to merry!''He said, now yelling.

''HE MAKES ME HAPPY!''I said."I love him.''My fathers eyes softened.

We sat in silence for a moment.

''You want me to except Helena you got it but you haft to at least give Jaxon a chance. Please alls I am asking for is a chance.''I said.

''Fine, but you better promise to give Helena a chance.''He said.

''I promise. Now you.''I said.

''I promise.''He said. 

"Good now come meet him.''I said.


The door opened and I walked out of the bathroom. Drying my hair with the towel. 

"You need more shampoo girls has not been working for me.''I said, looking up. 

Roxy and her dad were standing there, he gave me the eye seeing me with a bright pink towel, he chuckled.

''Never mind what I said, hes harmless.''He said laughing. Roxy cracked a smile coming by my side I hooked my arm around her waist.

''My dad knows about us and he promised to give you a chance and I promised to give Helena a chance.''She said, smiling. God, that smile, I adorned her. I squeezed her tightly and looked up. His eyes had softened.

''Thank you sir, all I ask is a chance.''I said.

"And that's what you got. Let me ask you. Do you love my daughter?''He asked.

''With everything in me.''I said, with every peace of emotion I had ever felt for Roxy put into my words.

"You got a chance don't mess it up.''He said walking out.

Roxy jumped onto me wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She squeeled.''This is great.''

''Yes it is, my love, it's great.''

That night I held her with everything in me, for she was my love, my everything.

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