Gang Leaders Daughter

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  • Published: 31 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 8 Jan 2018
  • Status: Complete
Roxanne lives with her mom in a small quite town until she gets sick and dies. With no where else to go Roxanne goes to live with her dad. Living with her dad, and finding out what he is is a shock. Then one day she goes to the mall, with her friend Jasmine, were she meets Jaxon. As the two get to know each other better, a problems comes up. Roxy knows she has to save her dad. Will it tear them apart? or make them hold on tighter to each other?


10. Colleagues


''This is Victor and his son Tristan.''He said.

''Hey..''I said. They looked me over and the father snorted why the son smirked.

''Could she dress less like..that..?''Victor asked in a to good for you tone and it really made me made. People had always walked over me and treated me like nothing..

''Could you be less of a...''I was about to say, my fathers eyes going wide. He coughed into his hand trying to hold back a laugh.

''Roxanne how about you go get dressed, and so Tristan isn't bored he can come with you, and I will discuss further with Victor.''My father said.

''Sure, come one Tristan.''I said walking up the stairs. 

As we walked up the stairs Tristan tapped my shoulder.

''You know you are one girl to stand up to my father.''He said.

''He was being quite rude and this,''I pointed around me,''Is not his home.''

I opened my door and walked in.

''WOW!''This is nice.

I looked around at the room I had grown so used to. 

''Yeah, I guess.''I said.


I grabbed a pair of leggings and a over sized shirt and went into the bathroom to change.

''So..that was a nice dress you were wearing..''Tristan said. Hinting at were I had been.

''Thanks.''I said, coming out.''Lets go do..w.''


''Roxanne..''Jasmine said opening my door. Saved by the door.''Oh..who is this..a guy you met a the par...''Jasmine went silent at my look I gave her. 

''Jasmine this is Tristan, Tristan Jasmine.'' They started talking and introducing each other and quickly got into a conversation. With ease I snuck out down stairs.

I breathed out a sigh of relief as i walked down the stairs to the kitchen. The Advil I had took was starting to wear off.

I grabbed a glass of water, and a Advil. I had just swallowed it. When I felt a harsh tap on my shoulder. I spit out the remaining water coughing and sputtering.

''Jesues...''I said and stopped when I saw Drake.

''Nope, just me.''He said. Smiling like he had said something so funny.

''No kidding.''I turned around rinsing out my glass.

''Where were you last night, anyway?''He said.

''Nowhere you need be concerned.''I said. Walking out of the kitchen. 

''Really?''He asked.

''Yes, really.''I said.

He sighed as if he knew there was no use in arguing to get me to tell him.

''Fine, I'll be hear when you want to tell me.''He said walking away.

And with that I headed to my room for a much needed nap.





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