Gang Leaders Daughter

Roxanne lives with her mom in a small quite town until she gets sick and dies. With no where else to go Roxanne goes to live with her dad. Living with her dad, and finding out what he is is a shock. Then one day she goes to the mall, with her friend Jasmine, were she meets Jaxon. As the two get to know each other better, a problems comes up. Roxy knows she has to save her dad. Will it tear them apart? or make them hold on tighter to each other?


6. Bad News

I woke up the next day and saw a suit already laid out. ''Jasmine..''I sighed. I ignored what she had laid out and put on a pair of grey sweats and pink tank, with my white converse. I had planned on going running to today. It was something enjoyed.

I walked down stairs and into the kitchen and there was many people gathered around the table talking quietly. Including my dad.

''Whats up?''I asked.

''This is your daughter?''A woman said. She had long curly, red hair, and bright green eyes, that held fight.She looked about that age of 20.''My name is Elizabeth.''She said.

''Hi, mines Serene.''I said, shaking her hand.

''You have a good grip.''She said.''You must be a good rider.''

I gulped, showing no emotion.

''I was, once.''I said looking down.

''Ah..well come on over here we are planning your training.''She said, smiling.

''Training?For what?''I said.

''When your father dies, or of he happens to be killed you are responsible. So we haft to get you ready. We will make you fight, we will push your body to its limit. See how far you'll go before you break.''She smiled.

''Well that sounds..wonderful.''I said, sarcastically. 

''Quite.''She said. 

My dad chuckled.

''We all had to go threw it, well some of us, some came out of bad places already and didn't haft to prove anything.''My dad said.''But you do and you will start tomorrow.''He said matter of fact.

''Thanks dad.''I said, sarcastically, grabbing juice, and getting a glass.''It's not like maybe I didn't want to.''I mumbled.

''Even if you didn't you still haft to, if something happens to your father your bound to take his place.''Elizabeth said.

I thought about my dad and what he might want, and that training could help me protect myself so why not?

''Alright when do we start?''      




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