the haunting of Lauren Taylor

so this is me Lauren Taylor and i'm a famous disney star on best friends whenever i just moved into a house and i love it but something goes wrong im not sure what


3. the weekend of father roy

The next morning! "Uh i did not sleep well" "Don't worry its a new house you'l get used to it" "I had a strange dream i can't quite remember it though but i know it had something to do with one of the neighbors" Lauren exclaimed "Don't worry Lauren its just a dream" "Your right just a dream" "Well i have to go to work" "Ok see you later" "You too" As Cherry leaves you feel frightened what if the dream has something to do with the people who died here "Il just make waffle's there my favorite breakfast" now moving to Alex's point of view (p.o.v) "H'mmmmm" "H'mmmmmm" "Uh kill all the spirits (EVIL LAUGHTER!) this is for you roy you will pay your sins" Lauren's p.o.v "Uh these waffles are good that toaster works amazing i could enjoy these plain" Lauren munches on the waffles "Wow its been almost 10 minutes since i forgot about the house" "OMG the ghost uh why did i bring that up?" i hear a knock on the door "Uh who can it be i answer the door "Uh hello my name is roy and i heard your new to the neighborhood" "Well yes i am the new neighbor" said Lauren "Well its really nice to meet you" said roy "Your the second neighbor i met in the last 2 days" "Wait who is the first?" "Oh some lady down the street she said this place is haunted she's weird" Lauren said "Oh shit" roy said "What" "oh never mind hope you like the neighborhood" roy closes the door "What did he mean when i mentioned my neighbor, i have to figure this out" i spend time at my drama classes practicing to put my mind off everything but nothing is working i go out to eat at apple bees again not working so i just went home "I don't know whats happening but i have to figure out this haunted ghost nonsense and stop it but I need help" 



CLIFFHANGER ha ha ha ha ha yes i am evil well not really cliffhanger but you know what i mean so Lauren has to figure everything out whats happening, is her house haunted and! who can she trust find out next time on the haunting of Lauren taylor

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