the haunting of Lauren Taylor

so this is me Lauren Taylor and i'm a famous disney star on best friends whenever i just moved into a house and i love it but something goes wrong im not sure what


2. the sleepover

so i went out with my friend Cherry we got smoothies cause we both love smoothies "why are you acting weird?" said Cherry "Um i'm not i am fine" Lauren said "I know somethings bothering you Lauren now spill" "Well I moved into a new house today and some weird lady said it was haunted" "Thats what your worried about? you don't believe it do you" "Well no but its a little iffy to me" "Well i'l spend the night with you tonight" "Okay i'l see you tonight" "ok see yah" after that you go home to do some homework and watch tv soon Cherry came over "So wheres your room" asked Cherry "i honestly don't know this place has like a billion rooms to choose from" exclaimed Lauren "lol that must be a hassle" said Cherry "I have to use the bathroom be right back" as you walk up to the bathroom you here strange creeks on the stairs which is weird cause there brand new and not made of wood at all i just let it go when i got into the bathroom i sat on the toilet seat and suddenly something try's to pull me in i scream for help but nothings happening i'm so scared but all of a sudden it normal like nothing ever happened "Uh i'l pretend i just knew what happened" this is all weird to me what the fuck happened??! i run down and told Cherry "Uh Lauren are you feeling okay nothings happening i swear" "Uh all of this is so weird" "You just have to adapt to a new house it will take time but everything will be normal before you know it" "Ok do you wanna watch a movie" Lauren said "Sure how about that movie with the girl trying to live life and has 2 friends" "do you mean Lizzie Mcguire?" "oh yeah" "(thought) idiot lol" so we watched Lizzie mcguire on disney channel it was kinda weird I had not watched it in years but after that Cherry fell right asleep so i tried to fall asleep but i didn't it was about midnight and i still couldn't fall asleep and then... Lauren falls asleep Then a huge knock at the door occurs to me the door just opens its that alex lady WATCH OUT LAUREN GHOST ARE GONNA GET YOU  "AHHHHHHH" To be continued!!

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