the haunting of Lauren Taylor

so this is me Lauren Taylor and i'm a famous disney star on best friends whenever i just moved into a house and i love it but something goes wrong im not sure what


5. The ghost hunt to end all ghost hunts part 2

Suddenly you and cherry enter the paranormal shop seeing what you could do we got light bulbs because ghost hate light we got sage to burn the spirits of the house and last was "Ugh do we really have to wear orange suits these are a fashion crime" whined Lauren "seriously? would you rather die in a haunted house?" asked cherry "Well no lets just do this already" Cherry and Lauren left arguing suddenly a figure appears out of nowhere "WHERE ARE THEY!!??" "I don't know sir" "Find them or i'l kill you" "Yes" the man runs away "Lauren and cherry have no idea what they're up against I'l just have to get them myself" back to Lauren's p.o.v "So are we like catching ghost this is so awesome i seen t.v movies and it's really cool" "Will you stop talking" Sighed Lauren "Gee sorry just got overwhelmed" said cherry "We have some ghost ready to get butt kicked" Cherry shouted "We have no idea where were going" Asked Lauren "No clue" Sighed cherry so we both decide to go to Alex's house we knock on the door and "Ahh waah maah i kill i kill" Alex screamed "No Alex its me Lauren" "huh? oh what do you girls want" "Were trying to get rid of the spirits in my friends house" Cherry said nervously "So what do we do" Asked Lauren "Ugh fuck this girls you can't to anything about this" "Please i can't live in the house like this please help me and cherry" "Girls what your about to do is super risky you have to fight against the most ghostly criminal our town has seen in years his name is Darc and he is after you since you live in the house currently every owner who lived in that house vanishes and was never was seen again And now he wants you two" "But why?" Asked cherry "For various reasons that house isn't any ordinary house its the most valuable house in the whole ghostly kingdom and he wants it for himself but to do so he needs 600,000,000 various cash but no rich person could have this house so that's why hes after it" "I can't believe it I always knew that house was different from the rest" "Yeah well if you girls wanna fight Darc  You'l need his places he often visits But you have to use this teleport object to track him down but it needs energy from this gas station it closes in 30 minutes so hurry along now" "Ok" Me and Cherry drive quickly to the towns gas station "Ugh were here so what do we do here" Asked Lauren "I have no idea" said Cherry "Oh no what is that shadowy figure coming towards us" Nervously asked Cherry "I don't know" cried Lauren "No"





Hey everyone how do you like my story i know its been almost a week but i had no idea where to take this story sorry if it feels weird i'm basically out of ideas if you want you could comment ideas for the story in the future So what is the figure coming towards Cherry and Lauren Is it darc find out next chapter in     The haunting of Lauren Taylor




To be continued...



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