the haunting of Lauren Taylor

so this is me Lauren Taylor and i'm a famous disney star on best friends whenever i just moved into a house and i love it but something goes wrong im not sure what


4. The ghost hunt to end all ghost hunts part 1

"Okay so according to all these ghost hunting tv shows the people who die will haunt the place who died" "The father killed his wife and their children so i have to haunt the ghost back by using there own weakness against them" "ugh i hate this" "None of this shit is helping me what am i gonna do" "No one believes me I have to get help" "Perhaps i should go see Alex next door" You walk to Alex house "Hello who's there i kill you" "No no its me Lauren" "Oh what are you doing here?" "Im really concerned about my house i think it really is haunted" Worried Lauren "Well of course it is the dad of the children murdered them and them and the mother haunt the house" "But can they hurt me cause i'm getting really creepy vibes from it so please tell me the whole story" Alex gasped "Oh my" said Alex "So the story begins with a beautiful young woman terry she lived with her latin husband remains nameless terry and her husband were fighting over financial problems "Stop spoiling all our children they will be raised like slobs" Terry said "What i want them to be happy they are triplets i don't want one feeling down" "you know what i can't stand you" husband pulled out a trigger and shot missing terry and shooting one of the children "One of our children is dead!! your psychotic roy" suddenly he had enough and killed terry the other two children were really depressed roy ran away and was never seen the other two kid's committed suicide due to depression and starvation "So thats the whole story" wait did you say the fathers name was roy?" "Yes" "oh my god a neighbor came to my house yesterday and his name was roy" "We don't have a roy in this neighborhood" said Alex  "you are in danger little girl run run away don't let roy catch you" "Okay" nervously said Lauren suddenly you run to cherry's house hoping she believed you "Cherry" crying Lauren "Please help my house really is haunted and the person who killed them is after me" "Calm down Lauren what is happening there is no such thing as ghost" "There is there was this guy roy and he said he was a new neighbor and he was the one who killed his wife and kid the other two committed suicide and i don't know what to do!" "Relax i believe you since your really scared but if this is a prank i'l hate you forever" Lauren quickly hugs cherry "Tha thank you" sobbing Lauren "We have to go on a ghost hunt" said cherry "Ok" "But first we have to get all the things we need Lauren its time to go shopping" "Ok lets go"



hey everyone sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out i was really busy with school work and right now i'm writing this in school lol trying not to get in to trouble lol but what will Lauren and cherry do for the ghost hunt? will someone help them or try to kill them find out next time on the haunting of Lauren taylor


btw i'm planning to make this story 10-11 chapters bye


to be continued!!!

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