the haunting of Lauren Taylor

so this is me Lauren Taylor and i'm a famous disney star on best friends whenever i just moved into a house and i love it but something goes wrong im not sure what


1. moving into the house

I just moved into a new house its so nice it has 3 floors and i can't wait to meet my neighbors my friend ricky also from best friends whenever he plays Naldo he helped me pack and now i'm here i here a knock at my door and suddenly "hello you must be the new neighbor my name is Alex" "oh nice to meet you" Lauren said "i have to warn you this apartment is filled with ghost and the supernatural" Alex said "uh excuse me" Lauren said "someone lived here with her children along time ago her husband killed them and ran away legend says that the mom and the children have their spirits at this house looking for revenge" Alex said creepily "oh i don't believe in spirit things like that" Lauren said "just look out for spirits  if anything happens come to me i'm the house right next door on the left" Alex said "ok" Lauren said weirdly SLAM! the old lady closes the door slamming it she was weird like theres a ghost here she's crazy anyway i think i'l explore the house 2 hours later ok this house is huge and i'm the only one here perhaps i should go get some fresh hair Lauren walks out




hey everyone i know its a little bit short but its my first time writing fanfic so i hope you like it


to be continued!!!


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