Omega (First Three Chapters)

Last September, everyone in my high school took a standardized test. But we hadn’t taken the OAAs since 8th grade. This one was different. A woman in a suit walked around the room observing us the whole time, presumably to check if we were cheating. When I got to PE class, I was forced to run around the gym until I passed out. More people in suits held stopwatches and tablets, recording our times. We had several other physical tests, and then went about our day. We weren’t told ahead of time about any of this, and we never got any sort of explanation. Even the teachers seemed confused. On the first day of summer vacation, I got my answer.

Cover by @Infinite_Exho

This is the first three chapters of a story I've been working on. I won't update it on Movellas past these chapters, but if it ever gets published or something (yeah, right) then I'll put a link to the full version. It's dystopian, by the way, but Movellas hasn't made that a category yet.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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