"Hands" One Shot Entry

One Shot Entry


1. One Shot Entry

Her feet were told as they touched the rock beneath them. A thin,fragile looking girl in a flowing pink dress stood there. The flower crown on top of her head contracted with her beautiful, shining blonde hair. Her hand was in a fist, tight yet elegant, her blue eyes lay on this hand, scared of her eyes let go, so would her hand. Slowly, her hand relaxed and opened reviling a small creature. Almost like a person a pixie with only a faint outline in a other wise, gold glowing ball. The girl stared at the thing that now lay in her palm. Her eyes not wide and tear filled. She lay the pixie in the river next to her feet. The only word that barley escaped her lips was, "Eons" and the pixies light faded as the lifeless body sunk into the stream of running water.

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