Forsaken Until the AM

Alona is a young hunter who finds herself caught between the love of her family and wanting to find the truth behind her birth and wanting to know why her clan detests her. Can the Vampire Prince before her help or will he be her downfall?


4. Chapter 3

Alona met up with her friends a short time later at an abandoned night club outside of town.
It had taken her the entire ride to get her heart and stomach to calm, though even after helping to unload the instruments she still felt her cheeks were flushed.
"Hey Alona can you give me a hand," Max yelled.
She looked up to find him struggling with a speaker.
"I'll get that if you go update."
She tossed him her phone as she grabbed the heavy speaker from the back of the van and went inside.
After a quick set-up and sound check, they began to play.
Alona felt free as she ran her fingers over the strings of her guitar. Every emotion that she had ever kept bottled up came out in the melodies that left her lips.
It had been six years since she found out her gift for song.
She remembered running away from home after being scolded by her brother for breaking a fellow students arm.
"Big brother it wasn't my fault," she had cried.
"It doesn't matter Alona; that was out of line. You could have seriously hurt him," Blake yelled. "Please just learn to control yourself."
She looked up at him, tears brimming her eyes.
"I hate you," she cried. "You don't care that they are always hurting me. Every day I have to listen to them yell and put up with their torments. I stand up to them and you yell at me. They hate me and so do you."
She turned and ran from the room, making her way out of the manor as he called after her.
She had run for what felt like ages when she found the abandoned building.
After finding her way inside she sat on the stage breathing heavily.
She sat on the stage, tears rolling down her cheeks until she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She jumped at the touch, looking up to find a concerned, brown eyed face looking down at her.
"Are you ok," the boy asked.
She brushed the tears aside, jumping to her feet, "I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was here."
He smiled, "No big, you new around here? I've never seen you before."
She blushed, "I've lived nearby my whole life."
The youth looked perplexed, "So have we; in fact this is our hideout."
He nodded, "Yeah, myself and my younger brother and sister."
As if called, the sound of another boy rang out, "Hey Maxie you want to tell me why the door was left open?"
A dark haired young man entered the room followed by a dark haired girl.
"Do you seriously have to yell," she scolded at him.
The older boy smiled, "Perhaps it was our new arrival."
Alona looked between the three, unsure of what to do, "I'm very sorry. I didn't know this place had anyone using it. I ran away from home and I just kinda found my way here. I've never been outside before."
They looked at her curiously.
The boy named Max put a hand on her shoulder, his shoulder length golden hair framed his face like a halo, "You can stay as long as you need. My name is Maximillion Baur and these are the twins Annastasia and Markus."
She smiled, "My name is Alona Schwarz."
She had spent hours talking with the three, laughing as Markus made the occasional fools out of himself.
"Say 'Lona what's with the choker," he had asked as he untangled himself from a fallen curtain he had been trying to climb.
She touched the lock on the choker, "I don't really know. My brother tells me that I am to never remove it."
Max knelt down to look at it, "That's a weird thing to say."
As he took a closer look he noticed the emblem etched into the gold, "This looks like the picture on the front gates of that weird mansion on the hill."
The twins looked curious, "Really?"
"Yeah, it's exactly the same."
Alona blushed, "It’s my coven. We try to stay out of the lives of mortals."
"Mortals," Max replied. 
Alona nodded, "It's what we call people who live day to day and enjoy normal lives."
"So what exactly do you do in that creepy place," Mark asked, sitting next to them.
Alona thought, "Well we learn how to destroy those who would harm mortals."
"Like what?"
"Vampires and Lycans though mortals call them werewolves."
The twins snickered.
"Wow that's funny," Mark laughed. "You're all crazy. Those things don't exist."
Alona smiled, "How do you know? Do you have proof that they do or don't exist?"
"Well no."
Max burst into laughter, "She has you there Mark."
Alona smiled.
"Whatever," he replied. "We gonna practice or what?"
Alona grew curious, "Practice?"
Max smiled, "We're a band though we are having some trouble with some fine tuning."
The three got their instruments, Max and Anna checking their guitars and Mark rapped on the drums.
After a quick sound check they began to play.
Alona was mesmerized by the sound, blushing as Max winked at her as the words flowed passed his lips.
After several songs they ended their practice, Alona clapping happily.
"That was amazing," she cried.
They smiled.
"Well thank you Alona," Anna smiled.
Mark spun his drum sticks through his fingers, "Yeah it's good but it's missing something."
Alona climbed up on the stage, admiring Max's guitar.
He smiled, removing it from his shoulders, "You want to try?"
She smiled, "Can I?"
He put the strap over her shoulders, adjusting it to fit her and after a quick run through with the cords, he left her to play.
After only a quick lesson, she was mimicking one of the songs she had just heard from the band.
Max stepped up next to her; starting to sing, the others joined in, coaxing the lyrics from her as she played.
After doing another run with their songs, practice came to an end with a cheer from the siblings.
"That's it. That's what was missing. Alone is what's missing."
Anna giggled, "Alone that was amazing. Are you a singer?"
She shook her head, breathlessly laughing, "That was my first time."
Max put his hand on her shoulder, "Could have fooled us. What do you say, want to join us?"
"Really, can I?"
"Please say yes," Anna cried.
Alone giggled, "Ok, I'll do it."
"ALONA," a voice cried from the doorway.
She jumped, ducking behind Max, "Go away Blake!"
"Alona do you know him," Max asked, holding his hand behind him so that she could take it.
She nodded, "He's my big brother."
Mark stepped in front of the two, "What do you want? What are you doing here?"
Blake stepped closer, "Alona it's time to go home."
"I'm not going.  You and everyone else hate me. I wish I was never born."
Max glared down at the older man, "You heard her, now leave."
He ignored him, "Alona I'm sorry. I was an idiot. I'm just so worried that I will lose you like we lost mom that I panicked. Alona, please."
He stepped on the stage, "Alona let me make it up to you. Anything you wish I will do it. Please little sister."
She peeked out from behind Max, "You promise?"
He smiled, "Anything."
She looked to her friends then at him, "I want to be able to see my friends whenever I want and I want a guitar."
He was taken aback, "Alona they are mortal. They can't possibly keep up with you."
She glared at him, "You promised."
He shook his head, smiling.
He shoved his glasses back against his face then ran his fingers through his hair, "Alright fine."
She smiled and ran up to him, "Thank you Blake."
He hugged her tightly, "Do me a favor kid, and don’t ever run away like that again."
She nodded, "I won't."
Blake let her go and looked at the group, "Thank you for watching over her."
Max continued to glare at him, "Yeah well she's one of us so we aren't going to let her go."
He nodded, "She doesn't have any friends back home so I'm doing what I can but if she trusts you then I will too."
He held out his hand, "Forgive me, I'm Blake Schwarz."
Max took his hand, "Maximillion Baur."
He motioned to the twins, "These two are my younger brother and sister Markus and Annastasia."
Blake smiled, "So you know what it is an older brother feels for his younger siblings."
Max smiled, "Yeah, our parents aren't around much so I have to step in."
After a long day of getting to know each other it wasn't long until the young band, now called Forsaken, started to do shows around town and even reaching miles away, growing a massive fan base.
After a round of practice they celebrated with cheers and laughter into the night.
Max smiled as he handed her a small package.
"Max you didn't have to," she said with a blush.
"I know now shut up and open it."
She pushed his arm then proceeded to open the small bundle.
She smiled when two silver skull earrings looked up at her and a black leather bracelet wrapped in silver spikes nested around the earrings.
She hugged him. After she put the earrings in and he helped her put on the bracelet, "Thank you."
He held her tightly, "You're welcome."
"My turn," Anna cried and handed her a brown package.
Alona tore into the package to reveal a purple layered skirt and black corset top.
"Anna this is beautiful. You never stop making amazing outfits."
She smiled, "I have an amazing model."
Mark smiled as he shoved a package at her, "My turn."
She unwrapped the package, smiling as she took the silver ring.
She smiled as she looked over the large red stone, sliding it over the middle finger of her right hand.
She hugged her friends, "Thank you so much you guys. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you."
They laughed, hugging her tightly.
The night drew to a close when they went their separate ways.

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