Forsaken Until the AM

Alona is a young hunter who finds herself caught between the love of her family and wanting to find the truth behind her birth and wanting to know why her clan detests her. Can the Vampire Prince before her help or will he be her downfall?


11. Chapter 10

Tristan watched everyone talk and laugh before him, smiling to those who waved or nodded to him.
Laughter caught his attention as his eldest brother grabbed his wife by the hand and spun her around the floor, his older following with his own wife.
He smiled as he watched their smiles grow with every step, growing jealous and worried without Alona in his arms to join them. He envied his brother's  for the loved they shared with their chosen wives, desiring to share that same connection but only found those who feared him in title or only wanted to increase what they already had, until he had met Alona. He smiled as he remembered her fierce expression when he had first met her. Alona had become his light when he saw only the dark. Her pale blue eyes sent chills down his spine as they glared at him intensely; her full lips were irresistibly soft with each kiss that he planted on them. He fought desperately to stay where he was, longing to go find her so that he might spin her about the floor for everyone to see, though he grew agitated as he thought of anyone looking upon her, wanting to hide her away.

His thoughts deepened as images of her standing before him, smiling happily in white, switching to her sprawled out before him, their limbs tangled  tightly together in the hopes of becoming one being.

He felt his face grow hot, closing his eyes tightly and coughing into his hand in the hopes of expelling the feverish images.

"You know Tristan," his father said gruffly into his ear, "there are many young women here tonight, and anyone of them would make you a fine wife."

Tristan rolled his eyes, shifting the sleeve of his left arm to check the time, biting his lip at the late hour.

"I know father, she's on her way shortly, and didn't you want me to take Celeste?"

The man sighed, "That would be ideal, but I foresee her being another disappointment."

Tristan felt a tap on his shoulder as Gavin whispered in his ear, "Master Tristan, Demetri is back and it seems that he has returned with that woman."

The man's heart raced as he looked for his friend, finding them entering the room from across the crowd.

His heart ground to a stuttering halt when he caught his first glimpse of his missing other half. He knew she was beautiful, but seeing her now only made him want to hide her away more.

He smiled as she nodded toward him, releasing him from his captivation.

He coughed harshly as he turned to his father, "Excuse me, there is someone I need to speak with," disappearing before the man could speak.

Slipping smoothly through the crowd, he didn't find it long until he was standing next to her, her slender hand in his, the slim digits pressed gently against his lips.

Alona's heart raced as the familiar sensation of his presence washed over her, her cheeks flushing crimson as she felt him against her skin.

"Welcome iubi, so happy you could come," he whispered, his cocky smile nearly making her galloping heart explode.

"Thank you for inviting me here Master Tristan," she replied when her breath finally returned.

He glared down at her, huffing in annoyance, taking her firmly about the waist in his strong arms.

She smiled at his change in composure, laughter on her voice, "I'm only teasing, calm down."

He drew his face against her cheek, nuzzling his nose to her ear, "You shouldn't tease my sweet, you have no idea what I may do."

Her breath caught as the heat of his breath brushed against her ear.

A harsh cough returned them to their senses, making them blush and release each other.
Demetri glared darkly at the man, drawing Alona beside him, "Now is not a time to be flirting master, where is father?"
Tristan sighed, looking to his own father who was trying not to look conspicuous as he watched them intently, "I don't know, I had asked that he be present, but he has yet to show."
Demetri drew his hand to his chin, bringing the other up around his chest, growing deep into thought, "I see, though to be honest I don't blame him."
Alona felt her stomach drop as panic built, "What's going on, is he ok?"
Tristan smiled calmly at her, "He's fine, Anton just isn't one for parties."
"I have an idea of where he might be," Demetri replied, "and to be honest, I think it would be best if we went to him."
"Where," she asked nervously.
"Anton likes to find himself in his book," Tristan replied, "so most likely father gave him the night off so he's probably in the library."
Alona smiled, "Really?"
Demetri nodded as Tristan smiled, taking her hand, "Shall we?"
She bit her lip, looking worried before nodding, grasping his hand tightly.
The three of them made their way through the halls away from the happy sounds of music and laughter.
Alona had hoped to spin about the floor with Tristan, blushing as she realized she didn't know how to dance.
Her thoughts were cut short as Tristan spoke, "Alona what do you know about Anton and Amelia's relationship?"
Her face grew sad as she looked away, "I don't really know anything. Blake never mentioned my father, telling me he was dead and only mentioning that my mother was one of the best hunters we had, but my people turned her into an outcast and hated me."
Tristan squeezed her hand in reassurance, kissing the top of her head, "I can tell you that your mother was kind and loving, loyal and confident. Those are what Anton loved about her."
Demetri nodded, "Yes, father adored her. He generally likes to keep chaos and disorder at arm’s length, but Amelia would run about with hardly a thought. He loved how wild and carefree she was. She'd have been killed if father hadn't have been there on one of her raids."
Alona smiled at the thought her mother being so reckless.
Tristan grew solemn, "She isn't a traitor like those barbarians claim. On the night she disappeared, she saved mine and Anton's lives."
"Amelia meant the world to me as well," Demetri continued, "My mother passed away when I was young, for a long time it was just my father and I. Amelia filled that void. When she became pregnant with you, father and Amelia were making arrangements for she and Blake to join us. Father was going to be adopting Blake."
Tears formed in her eyes, "What went wrong?"
Tristan's grip tightened on her hand, "Those hunters attacked us. My mother was close to Amelia and took me with her to discuss the proceedings when those bastards murdered my mother and took you and Amelia from us, Amelia was eight months pregnant."
"All we know is father returned with the young master and when he tried to go back the Lord Master moved us back to Romania before nightfall the next day."
Alona felt her chest grow tight, everything she had been told growing up was a lie, and now she was with people who genuinely wanted her, she was home.
Tristan felt her grow tense, turning to find tears streaking down her cheeks, making him stomach, "What's the matter?"
She smiled at him, shaking her head, "It's nothing, I just wish I had known sooner. I'm so sorry to have dropped my pain on you without realizing you also suffered."
Tristan smiled, gathering her tightly into his arms, "You're fine, I'm just glad they gave us the chance to reunite."
She smiled, burying her face into his chest, "I owe you so much Tristan, thank you."
He smiled, hugging her tighter.
The sound of a nearby door caught their attention as a tall, silver haired man stepped out before them, his attention drawn into a volume he held open in his right hand.
Demetri smiled, calling out to the man, "Father."
The man turned, a soft smile on his otherwise stern face, "Demetrius, what are you doing here, and Master Tristan as well. You boys are missing the party."
Alona looked the man over as Tristan and Demetri spoke to him, her heart racing as nerves stirred her stomach. She found he and Demetri shared many features from their heart shaped face to their sharply set nose, Alona also found she too carried similar features from the shape of her almond eyes and curve of their lips, but where she and the man had the same icy blue eyes and silver moon colored hair, Demetri's eyes were deep green and his hair was a deep fiery red. Alona blushed as she thought about Demetri's own mother and what she was like.
She had been so preoccupied with her staring that she hadn't realized she had missed the conversation, blushing deeply as the man before her now watched her intently.
Tristan snickered, "Anton this is Alona Schwarz, she's Amelia's daughter. You remember Amelia?"
The man's face turned stern, "This isn't funny young man, you should be ashamed, and you Demetrius, you know better." He then turned, walking away from them.
Alona's heart sank as her stomach grew hollow.
Tristan kissed her temple, "I can do no more;  the rest is up to you."
She took a deep breath as Demetri put a hand on her shoulder, "Mr. Anton, sir, please give me a chance."
He stopped, turning back, "Miss, Alona was it, I don't know what game you’re playing at, but my Amelia died with my child..."
"Almost twenty years ago."
He looked at her skeptically.
"I don't know anything and everything I know of my mother is based mostly in lies so even if you ask me questions, I can honestly say I won't know because my mother died the day I was born." She removed the mask, her matching eyes watching him. "I can tell you I have an older brother named Blake, I learned that my mother had loved a Noble and in the end conceived me, I'm a halfling living among hunters."
Anton stood in shock, dropping the book he had been carrying, the noise echoing heavily through the empty hall.
She smiled, "My entire life my brother told me I look like my mother, I can see now, I also look like you, father."
He stood before her, looking over every feature of her face. She now could see that his eyes were rimmed in red, deep bags making him look tired and worn as tears began to brim the lids.
He placed his hands over her cheeks, his voice shaking as a smile broadened over his lips, "He's right, you look just like her." He drew her into a tight hug, burying his face against her head, "I can't believe you're here, you're alive. My little girl; my daughter."
"Father," she smiled, tears also rolling heavily down her cheeks, "I've finally found you father." Her finger clasped desperately to the back of his soft white shirt.
Demetri placed a hand on Tristan's shoulder, "Thank you Tristan. There is nothing in this world I can give to show my gratitude for returning such a priceless gift to us."
The man smiled, not taking his eyes off of Anton and Alona, "There's nothing I want. Seeing my closest family finally happy is all that matters."
Anton released Alona, drawing her to arm’s length, "Look at you, dressed so beautifully and your missing out. Why don't you three go enjoy yourselves?"
She placed her hands over his arms, "But father, there's..."
She was cut off as he kissed her forehead, "There will be plenty of time to catch up now that you're home. I'm not going anywhere."
Alona smiled as Tristan placed a hand on her shoulder, "I would enjoy taking you for a waltz or two."
She blushed, "As fun as that sound, I should inform you that I can't dance."
He smiled, bringing her hand to his lips, "Who said you had to know how?"
She giggled softly.
Alona had a night of laughter as she was spun about the dance floor. She felt sorry for Tristan as she stepped on his feet, but he would smile, kiss her lips and continue with their motions.
The two seemed to leave everything behind, unaware of anyone who may have been watching, nor did they much care.
"So what is it we're celebrating," she asked.
He shrugged casually, "Just a birthday."
She looked at him curiously, "May I ask whose?"
He smiled, sighing, "Mine."
She smiled, "Really, well birthday boy, how old are you?"
"To be honest I'd rather not say; I don't want to scare you off on our first night together."
She pouted, "Oh come on, you can't be much older than me."
He smiled, looking down at her, resisting the urge to kiss that puffy lower lip, "You promise you won't get upset?"
She shook her head, "I don't know, depends on your answer."
He laughed, shaking his head, "I'm thirty-three as of today."
"No," she pretended to look horrified, "Yeah you're right, I can't take that. You're so old."
He rolled his eyes, drawing her close, catching the lobe of her ear in his teeth, making her gasp, sending her into giggles.
"Shall I punish you for each smart remark?"
She giggled coyly, "Oh come on, where is the little Prince who like to tease me?"
He smiled, shaking his head, "Forgive me iubi, I'm a bit preoccupied with a matter," He quickly changed the subject, "Now tell me, when shall I set the celebration for your birth?"
Alona smiled, "The end of next week, but I don't want anything but an opportunity to be with my family and maybe get to know you better."
He drew her close, "You can ask anything you wish of me and I will gladly tell you."
She smiled, "And the same of you."
Vali, who had been shock to see his closest friend stand beside him, turned to his advisor, "Anton who is that girl with Tristan?"
Anton smiled, "My daughter, and it seems she has taken a shine to the young master."
He looked up at the man, "What, since when?"
Anton smiled proudly, "She is the child Amelia carried."
Vali's eyes grew wide, "Amazing, she is a beautiful youth. How did she survive, where is her mother?"
He saddened, "Her mother has passed on and her brother raised her."
The other man's face also fell, "I see, I'm sorry my friend."
Anton shrugged, a smile returning to his face, "I miss Amelia every day, but having Alona here eases that pain."
Adrian spun Bianca so they could dance beside Marius and Bernadette, who were watching Tristan and Alona laugh.
"Who is she," Adrian asked curiously.
Marius shrugged, "I don't know brother. I've never seen her before, though she does look familiar."
"Wasn't she with Demetrius," Bianca asked.
Adrian nodded, "Yes she was, perhaps she's a new fling."
Bernadette shook her head, "No, she means something to him."
The brothers looked at her curiously.
"What do you mean Berdy?"
She rolled her eyes, "You're truly dense sometimes. Look at them, he loves her. I haven't seen him that happy in a long time."
They watched their young brother bend in to whisper into the woman's ear, making her laugh softly.
The song came to an end, allowing them a chance to follow the two youth's to a refreshment table.
Tristan spoke with the attendant who in turn retrieved their drinks, handing Alona a sweet smelling clear fluid while Tristan drank down a red liquid that smelled even more amazing to her than the drink she held.
"Oh no," Tristan said when he spotted his siblings walking toward them.
Alona grew tense, "What's wrong."
He smiled, downing the red liquid in one gulp, cringing as the bitter iron taste slid down his throat, "Not much, how would you like to meet my brothers and sisters?"
"She smiled, "I didn't know you had siblings."
She watched as two men called out to Tristan, making him glare darkly.
"Well now little brother, are you enjoying your party," the larger of the two laughed.
"You look upset brother, are you upset with us," the second chimed.
Alona watched as his face grew more crimson with their teasing, smiling at the chance to see the man she cared for grow more uncomfortable.
She listened to their banter, looking the newcomers over, finding they shared many of the same features, separated by only build, Tristan being the smallest of the three.
She noticed the two women who had accompanied the men, were looking at her intently as well.
She smiled, nodding as she held a hand out to the taller of the women, "Hello, I'm Alona. You must be Tristan's sisters."
They returned the smile, the taller woman shaking her hand, "It's a pleasure, I'm Bernadette and this is Bianca."
The shorter woman named Bianca smiled, "Are you a guest of Tristan?"
She nodded, returning her gaze to the men before her.
The taller of the men roughly slapped Tristan on the back, "So little brother, are you going to rude, or are you going to introduce us to your companion."
Tristan hissed, moaning as he grabbed his shoulder, the pain making him nearly collapse, "Damn."
"Tristan," Alona cried as she placed herself against his chest to help steady him.
He smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, "I'm fine iubi, relax."
"Like hell you are," the larger man growled, "what have you gotten yourself into now?"
Tristan scanned around them, hissing softly, "Shut up Adrian, let's go outside."
The night was warm and clear, the temperature having only dropped a few degrees since the sun had set.
They found a place at the far end of the patio, out of sight of the rest of the gathering.
Tristan drew Alona close, kissing the top of her head, making her smile.
A passing servant offered them another round of red liquid and went on his way.
Alona watched the man Tristan had called Adrian offer a seat to the smaller woman named Bianca, standing relaxed next to you taking sips of his drink.
"Alright, spill," he said looking annoyed.
The younger man rolled his eyes, "Before I go into me, allow me to introduce my lovely companion." He took Alona's hand in his and squeezed them gently, “This is Alona Schwarz, she's Amelia and Anton's daughter. Alona dear, these to thorns in my side are my older brothers, Adrian and Marius and their lovely wives Bianca and Bernadette."
Alona smiled at them, "A pleasure."
The pleasure is ours," Marius replied.
Adrian looked her over skeptically, "How did you survive? We heard you had been killed with your mother."
Alona grew saddened, "I ask that same question of myself every day."
Tristan held her tightly, nuzzling his cheek against hers, "I'm grateful you're alive and well. It's not as bright without you."
"Tristan," she said as her face turned crimson.
They brought the four up to speed with how they had encountered each other and up until they stood before the four, their expressions were a mix of intrigue and horror.
Marius shook his head as Adrian dug his hand into Bianca's seat, the metal moaning as it warped under his fingers.
"So what you're saying, is that as usual you can't keep your nose out of trouble and ended up getting involved with those wretched killers," he growled.
Tristan shrugged, "I don't regret a single moment."
"You were shot with vervain and dead blood, you could have died," Bianca replied worriedly.
"I'm fine Bi," he said, "I've been more worried about Alona."
She blushed, looking away, "I'm fine, it's only a dull ache. You're the one who's suffered more."
Adrian glared at her, "The only thing he is suffering is you. From what I gather, you've been nothing but trouble. It's because of those killers, we lost our mother and now we nearly lose our little brother..."
Bianca placed a hand on his arm, "Adrian, dear, Tristan is fine. You can't blame one for the many, especially someone who had no idea."
Alona felt her chest grow tight, "You don't know anything," she growled. "I told your idiot of a brother to leave. He's the one who pursued me."
Tristan smiled cockily, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, "And what a heavenly pursuit it has been."
Alona blushed as he kissed her exposed shoulder.
"You say you're a singer," Bernadette asked, changing the subject.
She nodded, "Yes, I sing with a local band named Until the AM."
"What would you classify it as," Marius asked curiously.
Alona thought, "I suppose we sing alternative to rock."
Tristan smiled, "She is amazing. Her voice has more beauty than any song bird."
Alona rolled her eyes, smiling at the excitement in his voice.
Bernadette smiled, "Alona did you know our Tristan also sings, he's top of the charts back home."
She looked up at him, "Really, I knew you sang, but I didn't know you were a professional."
He shrugged, "It's not a big deal, it's just something I do on the side to avoid father's harassment."
She smiled, "I would love to hear you sometime."
He drew her hand to his lips, "Anytime you desire."
The four watched them go back and forth.
Marius shook his head with a sigh, "It seems you're right Birdie. They are hopelessly infatuated."
Bernadette smiled, "Though I do wonder how serious your relationship is."
The two looked at each other blushing, Alona throwing her hands up in defense, her voice shaking, "I can assure you that we are just friends and nothing more."
She felt the tension fall from him as a saddened expression ghosted over his face to be replaced with a cocky smile, "You hurt me my dear. I thought we were so much more."
Her eyes grew wide as a furious blush crept across her face.
She fought to keep her composure, glaring up at him in annoyance, "You never asked."
He looked down at her in confusion, finding her expression serious, making him snicker.
She also smiled cockily, turning to leave, "If you’re going to be that way, perhaps I'll see what my brother or father are doing."
As she walked away, a smile dancing over her lips, strong arms wrapped around her waist, drawing her against a solid wall.
She cried out as soft lips pressed against her shoulder, a husky whisper reached her ears, "If you think I won't make advances in front of my own family, you are mistaken my sweet. I will say this for all to hear, I desire you above all things. I want you to be mine, and only mine. I will not say we are dating as my yearning is to court you and when the time comes and I have earned your father's respect I will ask for your hand and take you as my wife."
Alona's heart raced, her body alight at his touch. She placed a hand over her lips to stifle a moan as he laughed softly against her ear.

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