Forsaken Until the AM

Alona is a young hunter who finds herself caught between the love of her family and wanting to find the truth behind her birth and wanting to know why her clan detests her. Can the Vampire Prince before her help or will he be her downfall?


2. Chapter 1

The softly lit room echoed with the sound of gun fire, the bright flashes from the muzzles of hand guns sporadically lighting the space.
A partition separated each person, giving them enough space to shift and reload.
The paper targets bulked under the red hot rounds as each clip was emptied.
After going through all three of her clips, a white haired teen tore her gun down and placed it before her then flipped a white switch next to her making the target whiz toward her. 
As the paper came to stop in front of her she already had her gun cleaned, put back together and holstered.
She looked over her target and smiled.
The paper had a single hole in the chest where every shot she fired had gone through that single point.
A bell chimed in the distance releasing the students from their classes and sending them on to the next.
She made her way down the halls, ignoring the forceful shoves and punches.
The teen found herself surrounded by a group of other students wearing a tight black tank top and knee length shorts, her hair woven in a tight braid.
She sat adjusting the foam hand guards when she was called to the floor for self-defense practice.
She hadn't had a chance to put on her helmet when the student who was set as her opponent ignored the instructor and went in for an attack.
She blocked his attempt at a kick to the side of her head, throwing him off balance by grabbing his leg. She then dropped down, swiping his leg out from under him with a swift kick to the ankle. She then righted herself and stood, forcefully swinging out to uppercut the young man to the chin, knocking him out.
The instructor blew his whistle, "Alona sit out your done."
She rolled her eyes, ripping her equipment off and throwing it in her bag.
After an hour of watching her classmates fall or miss their marks the final bell of the day chimed, releasing the students to the rest of the day.
Alona flew through the halls, avoiding those around her to finally reach the rooms she shared with her brother.
As she slammed through the door she startled the blonde haired man on the other side.
He adjusted his black rimmed glasses, setting a pen down on a stack of papers he had sitting in front of him.
"Alona you ok," he asked as he watched her rush to her room.
"Yeah," she called as she took her hair out of its braid and changed her clothes. "I'm just trying to get out of here."
The man smiled, "You got rehearsal tonight."
She returned to the living room wearing a pair of black jeans and tank top.
She carried a purple guitar case in her right hand and a pair of black, calf-high boots in her left.
"Yeah, we got a set-up tomorrow."
His expression fell, "Tomorrow?"
She pulled her hair back in a ponytail, taking the hair band from her teeth.
"Yes Blake, I told you two months ago, last week and the day before yesterday."
"Alona tomorrow is the..."
She looked up to him after tying her boots, "I'm not going. I don't need to."
"Alona the graduation ceremony is important. You'll finally..."
"I'll finally be able to join you when you go out to hunt. I know. It's also the day where I have to sit with people who would just as soon throw me out a glass window. You can give me my certificates after I get home."
She swung her leather jacket over her arms as she picked up her guitar case. 
She went to leave until she noticed his hurt expression.
She sighed, dropping her head against her right shoulder.
Setting the case back on the ground she walked up to him and hugged him, "I'll stick around long enough to hear your speech and then I'm gone ok."
He smiled, hugging her back, "Thank you."
She released him, grabbing her case and walking to the door, "I'll see you later. Don't wait up."
He smiled, "Alright, be safe."
She closed the door and made her way to the garage, locating her motorcycle.
As she strapped the guitar case to the back a voice called out to her.
"Why don't you just stay away? No one wants you here so why don't you just make us all happy?"
She shook her head, recognizing the voice, "Well you know I would but I'm just having too much fun making everyone's life a living hell."
She turned to find the young man she had knocked out earlier standing in the door of the garage.
He glared at her, "So are you going to go play with your weak little mortals?"
"And you would care why, Jonathan?"
He walked up to her, "Just stay with them. You care about them more than your clan."
She rolled her eyes and hopped onto the bike, firing it up to drown out whatever he had said and shooting out of the garage door.
The manor gate hadn't fully opened as she shot between the bars and drove up the road.
Alona smiled as the wind blew over her. She loved the feeling of being free to move as she wove through traffic.
A short time later she pulled up to a dark pier overlooking the darkening sea, the sounds of fishing trawlers letting off their horns dying off in the distance.
She spotted a familiar red van sitting in front a lit up warehouse, growing curious when she saw her friends leaning against it.
"Good, maybe Alona will know what to do," she heard the taller man of the group called when she shut down her bike.
"What's going on Max, why haven't you guys started unloading?"
His head jerked back to the building, his long bangs swaying with the motion, "Moron here apparently double booked and now some pretty boy has him foaming at the mouth because he can pay him more for the space."
She bristled, "That damn no good, back stabbing..."
She seethed as she stormed into the building, her friends following behind with smirks on their faces.
The auditorium doors nearly rocketed off their hinges as she made her way up to the two men on the stage watching four others rush around setting up instruments and adjusting lights.
"Hey Florence what the hell's the big idea," she yelled at the shorter of the two men. "We are supposed to be setting up. It was arranged two months ago."
Alona's stomach grew queasy as she drew close to the five new comers.
The man turned, finding icy blue eyes glaring at him, making him flinch, "Yeah I know but this guy can pay me more. I'm just running a business here."
She flexed her hands into fists, "You are seriously a piece of work you moron. We paid you a full deposit and now you're going to do this? We've been playing here for you and all that time we've treated you and this rat hole better than home."
"Watch it kid."
Alona's blood ran cold as a clawing sensation tore through her stomach as the taller man walked up to them.
"Is there a problem?"
Florence turned to him smiling, "No problem at all Mr. Balan. Everything is..."
"Yes there is a huge problem," Alona yelled. "You took our slot and kicked us out.”
He smiled, his amber eyes alight, "I'm sorry. Perhaps we can work something out. How about we open for you? Does that seem fair?"
Alona's temper flared, "I'd just as soon drive myself off the pier than work with your kind."
She then turned to the shorter man, "You have two options, either you reimburse us our deposit or we see how much longer you'll be working in this town."
She turned, storming from the building and leaving everyone else looking perplexed.
He band mates found her outside as she kicked the curb making it crack and splinter.
"Alona," the younger male of the group called to her. "What's going on?"
They circled around her, their voices going low.
"You said 'your kind'. Is he..."
She looked to the warehouse door, "Yeah, he's a damn vampire."
"So get rid of him."
Alona looked at him in both amusement and annoyance, "Yeah ok Mark I'll get right on that. Then I'll have you explain to my clan why I broke about three laws just because we couldn't have our gig here."
The remaining female band member smacked Markus in the back of the head, "Alona isn't a hunter yet you idiot."
"Ah shut it Ana," he replied, rubbing the back of his skull. "I just thought..."
Alona smiled.
Her friends may be mortal but they knew how she worked better than anyone.
Max wrapped his left arm over Alona's shoulders, "Well since our night is now free and young, let's go celebrate."
"Celebrate what?"
"You of course and your graduation from those idiots you call family."
She smiled, "I haven't graduated yet."
Anna linked her left arm through her friend’s right arm, "That's why we need to celebrate. We already know you blew all those other losers out of the water."
She snickered, "Thanks you guys."
After making sure her friends were loaded into the van she watched them take off for their meeting place.
As she hoped onto her bike she spotted the young man she had exchanged words with.
Glaring at him, she walked her bike up to him, "What do you want?"
He smirked, "You should wear a helmet. It would be a sad day if a new hunter lost her life before she could go on her first hunt."
She clenched her jaw as a blush crept into her pale cheeks.
"Enjoy your show because this will be the last time I catch you on my territory."
She started the bike, revving it loudly before burning the tires and shooting off in the same direction as her friends.

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