Inside Her Head

Most books tell the tale of the victim of a terrible bully, who ultimately drive the victim to a breaking point. But what if the tables were turned? Going inside of a bully's mind, we discover why bullying is a growing epidemic, and why she should be kind no matter what.


1. Teaser/How it Started..

She woke up in a cold sweat, tears from the night before still dry and tense on her acne covered face. She looked at the clock.


Before the minute had passed the girl was dressed. She picked up her school bad and flung it over her solder, but not before running outside of her house, leaving breakfast behind. Kaylee was a somewhat popular girl. She had many friends, but what happens that day changed her life forever.

Kaylee climbed on the half filled bus, black hair flying behind her, as she sat next to her best friend.

"Well good morning to you too." Melanie said after about at minute of silence between the two.

"I woke up with the bus down my street Mels," Kaylee said in a slightly annoyed tone, "I've done nothing wrong." The rest of the bus ride was one of the most awkward and painful rides of Kaylee's life, was it something she said, something she did. As the pushed pulled into the abandoned look school, Melanie let out a sigh.

"I'm just so sick of you never talking to me anymore," Melanie said, not looking at Kaylee, "I don't know you more invested in Jason than me." Jason was Kaylee's boyfriend, and to her, Melanie was crossing a line.

"God Melanie! Why is it every time something is wrong with me you feel the need to make it about yourself," Melanie's face seemed to drop with the sudden outburst of her friend. Kaylee could tell she hurt her but... she didn't care Melanie wasn't even her friend anymore. Just then the bus door slid open and Kaylee stepped off the bus, trying to make a commotion.

Kaylee knew what she had to do, she had to make Melanie pay.

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