One shot for the one shot competition.

It's about a girl who sees her self not as an individual, but a flaw since a terrible break up. Many people fall after breaking up and find it difficult to get back up. This is only a simulation of life during those times in ones life


1. New chapter

Unknown POV

'Choices come and go. As does life and lovers. However, there is a shadow of loneliness; a coat of darkness. But in the end we are swallowed by darkness only for it to be washed away by light.'

Lonelyness filled the room. Silence. Silence scares me because it screams the truth. 'How am I here again?' She thought as she recalled what happend days ago; but to her it felt like only hours ago. She shuttered felling betrayed by her last love. He tore her and left her to rot in a pit of darkness. Whispers of dark things entered her head making her brain throb. Salty tears poured down her pale and delicate skin. The last thread was cut, now she is alone. Sadness filled the spot where her heart once sat. She was consumed. She shook as she whimpered from the harsh whispers and loss concentration of them when a low cricket sound racked the room. Her phone vibrated against her leg. Its cracked screen made it harder to use; but not harder to see the image popping up. 'Justin' it read as the call continued.


A spark, a sudden flicker of fire lit in her empty chest. A spark of anger caused her to throw her phone to the wall with force which broke it even more. She looked at the phone and slowly wondered over to it. Still it read 'Justin'. Finally she saw what she had in common with her old smart phone. A broken screen, still it reads 'Justin'; her broken heart, still she loves 'Justin'. A muffled cry as she relised she stilled loved him. 'Why can't I let go?'. She whimpered as her fingers were sliced by the sharpness of the glass on the phone. Still she grasped it. Temptation caused her to lower her finger to the answer button; but the call was ended. That was her life. Everytime she went to answer; she was too late. Every single time, she was too late to forgive or to ask for help. The dark hole in her mind kept pulling her closer to the harsh whispers; yet she tried to reject them.


Her long, thin legs; too skinny to carry more than her weight and the clothing on her back and her torso; showed only the skin and bones she owned there. She stood taking her phone and shoving it down in her pocket. She stumbled a bit when she wondered away from the wall; her support. Her hand reached towards the door in front of her, she grasped the rounded door knob within her fist. With one clockwise turn and a shove forward, she opened it with a bit of struggle and saw light.

The whispers slowly died as the light from the hallway started to make her thoughts pure. It was like washing off dirt in a shower. She took one last look in the dark room seeing a shadow surrounded by darkness; her dark side being cleansed with light. With the shaking of her own head, she took one step forward not looking back.

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