Together at Last

(This is another Harry Potter's Twin story, but very different from the Nicole Potter series. ) Brittany Potter is Harry Potter's twin sister, although they don't look much alike. Brittany has straight, blonde hair and no scar. (Voldemort turned the wand on Harry; Brittany never had the wand turned on her.) They both, however, have the startling green eyes. The biggest differences between them, however, are that Brittany lives in France, and Harry has no idea she exists. Brittany has grown up as Brittany Delacour, believing she is Fleur's younger sister, and Gabrielle's twin. However, everything in both Brittany's and Harry's lives are turned upside down when Dumbledore visits the Delacour's, tells Brittany who she is, and takes her to Hogwarts for her first year. And here's another twist: Because Brittany and Gabrielle refuse to be separated, Madam and Monsieur Delacour send Gabrielle to Hogwarts, as well.


1. One

"Fleur!" Brittany called. "Tell me about Beauxbatons some more!" 

"Yes, me too!" Gabrielle agreed. 

"Well, Beauxbatons is a magical place." Fleur started, before she was interrupted by Brittany. 

"Well, of course eet is!" she said impatiently. "Eet is a school of magic!"

"'ush, Brittany." Fleur chastised. "Let me speak." she cleared her throat. "Beauxbatons is indeed a school of magic. It is a beautiful place. Especially at Christmas time- Zen it is filled wiz ice sculptures and snow. It looks like zair are sculptures of diamond around ze castle. Ze grounds are quite large, and ze castle is larger. Zair are many classrooms, and ze gardens in ze grounds are astonishing. Zair are zree (three, not sure how to type that.) 'ouses. Zey are called Papollonlisse, Bellefeuille, and Ombrelune. Each 'as a Mousquetair, (Musketeer, similar to Hogwarts's prefects) 'oo keep ordair. And zen, zair is ze-"

Feur was cut off my someone knocking on the door. 

"Fleur, Gabrielle, Brittany, Professor Dumbly-dorr of 'Ogwarts would like to speak wiz you." Madam Delacour said, poking her head into Fleur's room, where the three girls were talking.

The sisters headed out into the living room, where Dumbledore was sitting.

"Ah, girls." he said, standing up. "I am afraid I have some shocking news. It has just been discovered that Brittany is not a Delacour."

The three sisters looked at each other in shock.

"Zen 'oo am I, Professor Dumbly-dorr?" Brittany asked, skeptical.

"You, Brittany, are Brittany Potter, daughter of James and Lily, and twin sister of Harry Potter." 

These words were met by silence. Brittany turned to Monsieur and Madam Delacour. 

"Maman! Papa! Why did you not tell me zis?" she asked.

"We knew you were not ours, Brittany." Madam Delacour said. "We found you at an orphanage in London, when we visited Dumbly-dorr, to 'ear more about ze business with You-Know-'Oo. We 'ad no idea 'oo you were, but Fleur just fell in love wiz you, and we found zat we just could not leave you zair." 

"Well, I don't see 'ow this changes anyzing." (Sorry, not sure how to write that either. I don't know if I should leave it alone, or change it...) Fleur said suddenly. "So she is a Pottair. She can continue living wiz us, and nothing 'as to change."

"Ah, but that is not the case." Dumbledore said. "Brittany needs to go to London, to meet her brother, and to attend Hogwarts."

"No!" Brittany said, standing up and stamping her foot. "I will not go to 'Ogwarts! I will be going to Beauxbatons wiz Fleur and Gabrielle! Zis is whair I belong!" 

"No, it's not, Brittany." Dumbledore said. "I have already spoken with Madam and Monsieur Delacour, and they have agreed that you will be going to Hogwarts."

"Zen I shall go wiz her!" Gabrielle said, also standing up. "I do not care if she is ze brozair of 'Arry Potter. She is my sister, and wair she goes, I go!" 

"Gabrielle," Madam Delacour started, but Brittany cut her off.

"Gabrielle goes wiz me, or I do not go!" she said, with such finality that even Dumbledore could tell that they would not be able to take her without Gabrielle.

"Vairy well." Madam Delacour finally said. "Both of you will attend 'Ogwarts. You 'ad best go and pack; Dumbly-dorr needs to take you wiz 'im tonight."

Fleur stood up and left the room angrily. 


Okay, so I know that I've already got a Harry Potter's Twin story, but I just really liked the idea of this one. Sorry for any mistakes in typing out the French accent... I am not a French person. But, yeah... I really like where this is going, and will probably be spending a lot of time on this one. 

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