Watch Your Back

Harry's had a wonderful summer. His first in Spinner's End, he and Severus spend a lot of time potion-making, spending time with the Weasley's, Granger's, and Malfoy's, and simply each other. When a mysterious package arrives for Harry, though, things threaten to go downhill. Way downhill.
Will Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Severus be able to piece together what's going on with Harry, in time to save the Muggle-borns of Hogwarts? And possibly Harry's life?


2. Chapter Two

Harry sat in his bedroom, studying the small black book. There was a small inscription on the bottom, in gold lettering. It read: Tom Marvolo Riddle 

"Tom Riddle." Harry muttered, running a finger over the lettering. 

He opened the book. It was a diary, but it was completely blank. Apparently, this Tom Riddle had recieved a diary, and not bothered to write in it. 

Harry picked up a quill, and was about to write, when he put the quill back down again. Wouldn't it be strange for someone to send him a diary that had someone elses name on it? Would it be foolish to write in it? 

Harry picked the quill back up, and dropped a single blot of ink on the diary. It shone for a moment, like a drop of black blood, before it disappeared, seeming to sink into the pages. 

Harry stared at the book, and turned the page. The ink wasn't there. Nor was it on the next page, or the next, or indeed, the entire book. Seized with excitement, Harry wrote. 


As he stared at the diary, his words sank into the pages, to be replaced by others, not in his handwriting. 

Hello. With whom to I have the pleasure of speaking, or in this case, writing? 

Harry stared at the words. Would it be reckless to talk to this book? The small, more reasonable part of him said yes, but the rest of him was to excited to listen to that small part. 

My name is Harry Potter. Are you Tom Marvolo Riddle? 

Yes, that is indeed my name. 

Do you talk to people very often?

No. Not many people have found my diary. How did you happen to come across it? 

It was sent to me as a birthday gift. 

Happy birthday. 

"Harry?" Severus's voice echoed from down below. "Could you come down here please?" 

My dad's calling me. I have to go. 

I hope to speak to you again, Harry. 

Don't worry. You will. 

Harry put the book away and hurried down the stairs. "Yeah?" 

"Your friends are here." Severus led the way into the living room, where Ron, Hermione, and Draco were waiting. 

"Hey, guys!" Harry said excitedly. 

"Happy birthday Harry!" all three chorused, before passing him their gifts. 

"Wow, this is awesome, thanks, Hermione!" Harry exclaimed. Hermione had given him a broomstick servicing kit. He'd been playing Quidditch since he was eight years old, and had been Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team the year before, although he had missed many practices, what with the Voldemort thing and everything. 

Harry played on a Nimbus Two Thousand, a gift that Minerva had given him for his eighth birthday, when he proved himself exceptionally adept at Quidditch. 

Harry turned to the package from Ron. "Cool, Ron, thanks!"

"It's a Pocket Sneakascope." Ron explained. "If someone untrustworthy is around, it'll light up and spin." 

Harry put it aside, and aaccepted the package from Draco. 

Harry upwrapped it. Inside was a Muggle waffle-iron. "Er, thanks?" he asked. 

"It was in a Muggle shop." Draco said, shrugging. "I didn't know what it was, but it looked cool, so I thought maybe you'd like it." 

Harry laughed. From the next room, the Floo flared, and the sneakascope lit up and began spinning. Everyone fell silent, watching it, as Fred and George entered the room. 

This time, everyone began laughing, and it was a long time before they regained control of themselves. 

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