Watch Your Back

It's Harry's second year at Hogwarts, and things are getting intense. Harry finds a mysterious black book while wandering Hogwarts... and it writes back to him. Harry thinks he's found the perfect "person" to talk to about things he can't tell his friends, or even his adopted father. But then, things begin happening, and Harry finds himself in a situation he never dreamed would happen, and has no idea how to get out of it. Can Severus manage to stop the school from closing? Will Severus be able to get Harry out of trouble, and possible save his life? (This book in the series will have a lot of Severus's point of view)


1. Chapter One

Harry wandered the halls of Hogwarts. Summer really was the most boring part of the year. There was just nothing to do. 

As he wandered blindly around, he slipped suddenly and fell. Turning around to see what he had slipped on, he saw it was a small black book. Opening it, Harry discovered that it was a diary. Harry flipped through the pages and saw that it was blank. Oh well, he thought. Maybe he could write something in it later and leave it for someone to find. 


Harry sat in Gryffindor Tower, staring at the book, trying to decide what to write in it. He finally picked one of the many options that he'd been thinking about for ages, and wrote it down.

To he who reads this, you have been severely cursed. To relieve yourself of this curse, you must stand naked in a barrel of fish eyes with a lizard liver tied to each leg during the full moon. You have until the coming full moon. If you miss your chance, your life shall take a most unpleasant turn.

Harry was about to close the book when he saw the words he'd written disappear, to be replaced with words that he had not written, in a handwriting that was not his own.

What is the name of this prankster who just wrote a ridiculous curse in my diary?

Harry stared at the words for a moment, before writing quickly.

My name is Harry Potter. What's yours?

You have most likely never heard of me. My name is Tom Riddle. 

I think I've heard of you. I'll ask Dad.

Well, I have most certainly heard of you. I was under the impression you did not have a father?

Well, my real father died a while ago, along with my mother. Lord Voldemort killed them. I now live with Severus Snape, who is my legal guardian.

Most interesting. Tell me, what is the year?


I take it you are around twelve years old?


That must be exciting for you. I have one question for you. If you were to tell anyone about this diary, who would it be?

Well, I'm probably going to tell Dad.

I have a request for you.

What is it?

Do not tell anyone about me.

Why not?

They will not approve of me. You must keep me secret, but please continue to speak to me. I've been alone for a very long time.

Harry looked at the book for a while, thinking. He did not want Severus to confinscate the diary, and he did want to continue talking to Tom. On the other hand, the fact that Tom was so adamant that he not tell Severus made him want to. He thought for at least ten minutes, before he wrote two letters.


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