Nightmare that never ends

Have you ever joined a chat room with some friends and talked about some fun weird stuff and laughed about it? Maybe your just like me then...Maybe you entered a chat room that yo didn't mean to enter and had a chat with a demon...


2. It only get's worse

*Nightmare has entered*

*You has entered*

Nightmare- You're back!

You- Oh hey. What happened to you yesterday. You just suddenly left the chat room.

Nightmare- I told you that the monster's wanted me. They came because it was time to eat. I have a new question for you today.

You- Okay what is it?

Nightmare- Do you think that dreams can come true?

You- I guess I do...why?

Nightmare- I have this dream all the time...I wish that it would come true all ready.

You- What's your dream about?

Nightmare- My family. The monsters that I live with seem to turn into people that pat me on the head and care about my day. It makes me really happy when I see them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could just close my eyes and never have to wake up again.

You- Yeah, I guess that would be nice. Hey Nightmare can I ask you something today?

Nightmare- Huh? You want to ask me something? Sure! Go ahead!

You- Who are the monster's you keep talking about? What do they do to you? If it's so bad there then why do you stay there? Nightmare...who are you....?

Nightmare- That was more then one question.

You- Oh your right....sorry about that

Nightmare- It's okay. Well I have some time still so I can answer some of your question but not all. You ask for my name? Correct. Well my name is as it says Nightmare. As for the monsters that I spoke of well they are what I said. Monster's that want to eat me and hurt me and I wish I was dead. If I could run away trust me I would have done it a long time ago. I am trapped her with no where to go!

You-  I can see that your name is Nightmare but I was asking for your name in real life. You may not be as alone as you are leading me to believe. As for the monsters that are trying to eat you. Well why do they hate you and wish you were dead? Why do you let them hurt you instead of fighting back? I can see your crying out for help. So please won't you let me help you and become your friend?

Nightmare- FRIEND! YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN HELP ME AND BECOME MY FRIEND! DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH LIKE THAT! YOU CAN'T ME BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BE SAVED! I am sorry I yelled my demons came out to play for awhile you see. I do not need friends where I am going and you can't save me because I am all ready gone. I must leave again. I will talk to you tomorrow.

*Night mare has left*

You- Nightmare wait! Don't leave again! Please let me help you!

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