Nightmare that never ends

Have you ever joined a chat room with some friends and talked about some fun weird stuff and laughed about it? Maybe your just like me then...Maybe you entered a chat room that yo didn't mean to enter and had a chat with a demon...


1. It never ends

New Chat Room Started

*Nightmares has entered*

*You has entered*

Nightmare- Hi. Can I ask you something?

You- Hi. Sure go ahead.

Nightmare- Great! So my question to you is have you ever had nightmare before? You know like the kind that you can't escape with your eyes open?

You- What are you talking about?

Nightmare- What about monsters? Do you believe their real? I do....Ive seen them with my own eyes

You- Are you okay?


You- Hello? Nightmare? Are you there? Any one?

Nightmare- There coming to get me.....

You- Who's coming to get you?

Nightmare- The monster's are coming....

*Nightmare has left the chat*

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