Nightmare that never ends

Have you ever joined a chat room with some friends and talked about some fun weird stuff and laughed about it? Maybe your just like me then...Maybe you entered a chat room that yo didn't mean to enter and had a chat with a demon...


3. Good Bye

*Nightmare has entered*

*You has entered*

You- Your back! What are we going to talk about today Nightmare :)

Nightmare- Why did you come back to this chat room

You- I came back because I wanted to talk to you

Nightmare- That was a mistake you made. You should just leave this chat now well you still have a chance at a normal life.

You- No I won't leave! Why are you so mad that I decided to come back?

Nightmare- You said you wanted something to talk about right?

You- Yeah...I did...

Nightmare- Well then here's my question to you.

You- Okay what is it?

Nightmare- Do you believe that humans can defeat demons?


*Nightmare has left*


-The creator of this chat room has now deleted it-

You sat at your desk looking at the big red words that had just appeared on your screen and you grew very confused. Suddenly their was a ding dong sound that came from your phone. You looked down at it to see that you had gotten a new email from a person know as Unknown. "That's strange...Who could this be?" You opened your email and read the email out loud.


Unknown- I forgot to say one thing to you before I left...Demons always this time please don't let them win...


You read the message over a bunch of times trying to figure out what it was that Nightmare had meant by that. More importantly why had Nightmare sent you an email through the name of Unknown. You tried to respond back but the email didn't have an address to message back. Then there was a knock at your bed room door that pulled you away form your computer. "Coming!" You called out and walked over to the door to see a monster! "Hello their little piggy! What brings you here to play?" The monster laughed as it showed its fangs as you. Scared you slammed the door and try to tell your self that monster's aren't real. "Of course there real kid. You just saw one with your own eyes didn't you?"  You look over at the dark figure that spoke to you and back up scared again. "Who are you!" You scream as the voices inside your head seem to grow. "Your worst nightmare...."


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