How i feel about him

Just my feelings


1. ❤️💔

There is something about you. It like when i think of you, my whole body is in a rollercoater of emotions. Every time i hear a love song, it reminds me of us. It is like all these fellings are trapped inside my body. I just wanna scream it all out, but i cant. Nobody has to know about this. The worst part of this is i dont even know if you fell the same. I love the game we play. But i think you are winning, taking my heart. I know who you are. I know that you play so confident and cool. I know i am supposed to hate it, but to me, all your flaws are so god damn perfect. You control my day, if you are with me my day is perfect, if you are not, my day is miserable. Sometimes i fell like i am not good enough to you. That i need to be prettier, cooler, smarter, nicer. But sometimes i fell like it is the other way around, that you dont deserve me. Because i give all my love to you. I have never liked some guy as much as i like you. You are always on my mind. I think you would be surprised, if you knew how many times you made me sad, or jealous. I have flirted with other guys, yes. But my intentions have always been that i was trying to forget about you, or make you jealous. Most of the times you dont even look. But deep down inside i hope that you think “she is my girl”. I could go over to you, and just say what i fell, but i am too proud for that. We both are. I am supposed to have that strong Independent girl attitude, but you make me fell so little and weak. I just wanna make you happy. It is funny, what love does to you. 

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