5 ʍ૯Ƭ૯૨ઽ ρ૯૨ ઽ૯૮ѳทđ

I wanted to tell her that,
The rain falling reminds me of you, because its falling hard and I am too!


3. Բѳષทđ yѳષ αƬ ℓαઽƬ

              ( Hemish POV !! )               

                             I woke up, my gaze hazy and head whirling, the smell of medicine and the beeping of machines was what made me wondered that where was I? the last thing I remembered was seeing Ferriya and then the splash of water, but who saved me? and why?

It took me a few seconds to find out that I was in some Hospital's room, I didn't know what had happened before I jumped in the Lake, 'Must've jabbed my head with something.' I thought, because the pain was radiating from my head was very intense and it was the reason that my head was bandaged but the question was, who the hell did save me?

"Are you okaye Ferriya?... you fell unconscious on the ground... Huh? I heard Ransom talking that I played sleep when I found Ferriya giving hug to Ransom,

"Thank you, for saving this fucking bastard!" I heard Ferriya abusing me but I had to stay clam,

"Your... Welcome, I guess." Ransom metioned, oh he was so very enjoying all that. But wait a second, Was he the one to save me from drowning when the pressure deep within tried to broke my ribs?

"How's your leg? The doctors said that you got a fracture there!" Ferriya asked Ransom that I went worried, Oh it was all my fault that he jumped after me!

"Yeah, it hurts but yet its not a big deal, I'm just happy that I saved him!" Ransom mentioned, his that stupid act made me smile although my eyes were close but my ears were seeing it all.

"You were my hero there, the way you jumped all for him was very brave of you. By the way how did you know that he would be there, I mean the Lake site." Ferriya asked him and I put my ears towards Ransom, wondering what he would say,

"We kinda grew up here and every time Hemish got scared or angry he always went there...the Lake-site and I was the one to search for him and bring him back to home, every time I found him, he was always there standing on that verge of the hill, challenging himself to jump but he never did that until today, maybe he was successful in accepting that challenge for himself...  he is my best friend... the friend I would never think of losing even if I had to offer my life." Ransom said that tears filled my mind as I started weeping from within, 

What have I done? I ruined his hope, his belief, his strength in me. I forgot that I have so much here in this world, the personalities who loved me not because of who I am but because of what I am to them.

I felt sorry for Ransom, I was the fucking bastard indeed and I helped that made prominent to everyone else too.

I felt Ferriya walked to my left bed side, her taps of heal was very prominent and so close that she stood there beside me , my mind webbing thoughts about what she would do next. But all of a sudden I heard the T.V sounding and News going on,

"It is about to assure you that the rain spell haven't end and there is expectation that heavy rain will hit California in the time of no more than two days..." The news was streaming giving precaution measure to avoid it,

"The Rain... I shouldn't have enjoyed that day without you, Ransom." Ferriya said that I started wondering what she meant by that,

"Oh, well I don't know what to say... ah... but I've brought the Umbrella in case... it was you who made that day perfect! not me." Ransom mentioned, that I became happy for him, He liked her and she too. They were made for one another, so what's the point in jumping off from that hill? I have loose and I lost her too! 

                                       That day Ferriya went to home as her parents were worried about her but Ransom was there for me eveytime when I needed him. He was there staying awake for me all night in case I need something from him but I didn't have a gut to even pay for what he had done for me. I was fully a convicted person to him... who never had expect something like that from me. I was even too convicted to apologize for what Have I done! 

3 Days Later:

I had recovered from my injuries but Ransom was still recoving from his, he had got a slight fracture in his right leg and so he was staying in his home. Every day I went to his home in order to thank him for what he had done but I returned everytime as if I haven't had the gut to say that I was Sorry. It was simple, it was easy but it was impossible.

I put myself in a new trial and gave it a luck for one more time, my core hard as I have made my mind that no matter what would happened I will return home after saying what should have said long time ago,

"Ransom you need to drink that soup it is good for you and your fracture." Ransom mother's humble talking can be heard even I was five yards away from his home, his Mom was very worried for him,

"Okaye, okaye Mom I'll drink that but I'm going in balcony okaye!" I heard Ransom saying, that I smiled and turned around,

"Hey Hemish is that you?" I heard Ransom shouting from his balcony that I turned around, my eyes searching for him on the balcony spot but he was nowhere instead I heard the gate opening and he rushed outside and headed towards me,

"Hey, Ransom..." I was expecting a hand shake but he hugged me instead,

"Woa, buddy you looked terribly okay." Ransom taunted that I smiled,

"And you looked terribly stuck in drinking that soup for three days..." I mentioned that he winced,

"You were visting me for three days and you didn't even came to save your friend?" Ransom mentioned, frowning.

"But with what face I would dare to enter your home, Look I'm sorry for what I had done and I'm thankful for what you've done for me, buddy." at last I lead all my inside out and made my point,

"Ransom!!! where are you? the soup's gonna switch with ice cold chicken juice." Ransom Mom shouted and called him, that Ransom took my arm and pulled me towards his home.

"Come join us, please do not dare to say No!" Ransom mentioned that I went shocked,

"What had happened to you? Have I got bat in the cave because you're staring hard at me?" Ransom asked,

"I mean can I join you,........ you'll let me?" I asked that Ransom gave me hard punch in the abs,

"Yes, I'm not joking!" He said that I felt the lukiest person ever,

"By the way buddy, you did got bat in the cave!" I said that Ransom switched to precaution,

"Did I got it?" He asked after cleaning it up from his nose,

"Yes, you got it!" I mentioned and then he took me inside and we had the wonderful dinner ever, her Mom's cooking reminded me of my own Mom.

                              After dinner I told him that I was going to New York... my dad was there and so he called me,

"Why the fuck are you going anyway, you want ME to die because of loneliness?" Ransom asked after hearing all that,

"No buddy, nothing like that. Its just the matter of one month...nothing more!!!" I told him that his worried face calmed down,

"Then... then... call me every Sunday, okaye!" Ransom was sure worried about me,

"Yeah, sure why not. So tell me what you will want as a sovenier?" I asked Ransom,

"Well, if you are asking like that, I can't say No... So bring me the statue of New York building!" He said that I smiled,

"Sure do buddy!!!" I patted him on his shoulder and then got up, because I had packing to do,

"Leaving so soon, just spend a night here already!" Ransom mentioned that I smiled,

"No buddy, just got some packing to do... home to clean... thanks for asking anyway.... Ransom, I need you to buy a ring." I was worried about him because he was always the shy one to ask,

"Ring for what?" He asked, disturbed.

"You have to ask her before it will be too late okaye... see ya!" I said and got out from his room leaving him muzzled that when I was about to go out through the gate, he came running like crazy,

"Wait..." Ransom cried that I turned around and the other moment he was hugging me,

"Take care of yourself... for me... because I will not be there to save your ass again!!!" Ransom mentioned that I smiled,

"Yeah, sure thing!" I told him and about to leave,

"Hey, Hemish... I will ask her my friend and call you as soon as I do that..." Ransom looked as if he got my point,

"I'll be waiting for that, Ransom." I was happy for him that at last he found his purpose... then it was my turn to find mine,

In New York:

                        The Curtains were fluttering because of the opposing light breeze that seemed to give only peace and take all your worries, through the curtains there was a prominent building New York standing straight whose windows were reflecting the light of Sun, bathing in gleaming light. I was staying on rent in a Hotel that was in front the New York building,

"Oh did you ask her, did you ask her... what was her reaction?... Wow she accepted that, Oh I'm so happy for you Ransom... what? You have graduate as well?... wow it's amazing.... You asked her... No,no you asked her right then when you all threw your hats... wow it's good to hear... Yeah I got your sovenier right here in my hand... and you know what I'm staying in Hotel that is in front that building... I know, I know I'm the luckiest person... Okaye catch you some other time... yeah sure you need to take her to date... okaye bye!!!" I said and then hung up. I was talking to him on phone as he have found his girl, I was some sort of happy for him but yet I was disappointed in myself.

                  I was wondering all this by seeing to the NY building that I received some text. I opened it up that when I came to found out about the person, my beats started racing and breathing went heavy,

That rain started....

It was Dahl and she was in NY too. She wanted me to take her to dinner. Oh at last I found you,........ MY LOVE!!!




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